how to apply quikrete epoxy garage floor coating?

Whether you need a new coating for your garage or want to upgrade an existing one, we have a product that will exceed your expectations.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss how to apply Quikrete epoxy garage flooring by following the steps below:

Step 1: Lay down plastic drop cloths in the area where you’re going to coat. This will help protect your floors from getting damaged.

Also, make sure that there is enough room around each side of the garage door so it can open without hitting anything!

Step 2: Mix up two batches of Quikrete epoxy using their recommended ratio (one gallon per ten square feet).

Use one bucket at a time while stirring with another clean tool such as a paint stick or broom handle until all clumps are gone before moving onto the next bucket until both buckets are done mixing together evenly throughout; then let sit overnight before applying them on top of each other or directly onto concrete surfaces if needed!

How do I prep my garage floor for epoxy?

To prep your garage floor for epoxy, you’ll want to clean it with a pressure washer. This will help remove any grease or debris that might hinder the performance of the epoxy.

You can also use a concrete degreaser and/or a concrete cleaner to ensure that your garage floor is free of any dirt or grime before applying the epoxy.

This is a very important step in preparing your garage floor because this is where we are going to seal off any cracks in our concrete and make sure that no moisture can penetrate through them when we’re done painting our floors.

If there are any areas on your garage floor that seem like they need extra attention, use some kind of scrubber made specifically for cleaning up concrete surfaces (like this one from Home Depot) or even just buy yourself some elbow grease and get out there with some soap and water!

How do you apply epoxy seal coat to a garage floor?

If you’re doing a large area, or if your garage floor is particularly uneven or rough, it’s best to use a paint roller. If the garage floor is relatively smooth and flat, you may be able to get away with using a brush instead of a roller.

If you want to get even coverage of epoxy over your entire garage floor in one coat (which will look the nicest), then use an epoxy sealer sprayer like this one from Dap.

This allows for easy application and even coating of the product onto your garage floor without having any drips or runs!

Is quikrete good for garage floor?

If you’re thinking about sealing your garage floor, then quikrete epoxy is a good option. It’s a popular choice for coating concrete floors and it can help to protect your garage from water damage.

How many coats of epoxy do you put on a garage floor?

The number of coats of epoxy coating you apply will depend on what look you’re going for and how much time you have.

If you have the time and are looking for a long-lasting garage floor that looks great, then 1-2 coats would be sufficient. However, if time is an issue and/or appearance isn’t that important to you, then 2 or more coats can be applied.

To help guide your decision process in determining how many coats of epoxy coating to apply to your garage floor, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The more coats applied, the better the finish will look (and last longer)
  • The more coats applied, the longer it will take for them all to dry

Do I need to etch concrete before epoxy?

If your concrete is smooth, then you do not need to etch it. On the other hand, if you have a rough concrete floor and want to apply epoxy over loose aggregate, then etching will make it much easier for the epoxy to penetrate into all of those tiny holes in the surface of your concrete.

You should also be aware that some brands of epoxy require an additional step called “grinding” before applying their products.

This process involves using a special grinder machine that uses tungsten carbide burrs on its surface and vibrates at high speeds while grinding away any material on top of or below the surface of your concrete (depending on what kind of job you’re doing).

Do I need to prime my garage floor before epoxy?

Most people get confused about the use of primer for their garage floor because they don’t understand what it does.

Primer is a special type of paint used to prepare the surface for painting. It can be applied to concrete and other materials such as wood, plastic, and metal.

Primer helps protect the surface from moisture and makes it more resistant to chemicals that may flow over your epoxy coating later on.

Primer offers several benefits including:

  • Protects against corrosion
  • Helps prevent chipping or peeling of paint in high traffic areas
  • Makes cleaning easier after application

Can I epoxy my garage floor myself?

Yes, you can do it yourself but expect it to take you a full day and more. You will need the following tools

The cost of epoxy garage floor coating is going to depend on what kind of coverage you want and how much product you need for that coverage.

A typical kit will cost anywhere from $30-$50 per gallon with about 2-1/2 gallons required for average-sized garages (1000+ sq ft).

Depending on application method chosen, one kit should be sufficient for small shops up to 1000sqft., while larger shops may require more than one kit if they have high moisture areas on their floors (i.e.: outside doors leading into garages).

Application is pretty straightforward: mix equal parts resin & hardener in an approved container using a ratio of 1/3 parts by volume; apply a very thin coat over the entire surface; wait until dry; apply next coat; repeat until desired thickness is reached OR apply two coats immediately after the first coat dries completely

How do you apply epoxy to concrete floor?

Preparing the floor:

Applying Epoxy Coating:

1 . Use an electric drill to mix equal parts of both components together until they are well blended (about 2 minutes).

You can also mix them manually by stirring each component separately and then pouring them into one bowl at once for about 5 minutes until there are no clumps left in either part of epoxy coating mixture.

2 . Apply 1st coat using a roller spreader over all surfaces evenly, making sure that you overlap each pass by at least 1/8″ (3mm). Let dry 24 hours before applying the second coat according to directions below*

3 Apply the second coat 24 hours after the first application has dried completely according to directions above*. Allow 72 hours between coats if applying more than two coats total.*

4   Let cure 72 hours before waxing if desired.*


We have just finished installing the garage floor coating, and it looks great! We were able to apply an even coat with no drips or runs.

The epoxy is supposed to last for years of heavy use, so I think this will be a worthwhile investment.

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