About Us

The Salvage Secrets Blog is an epoxy resin blog with a mission to share the best ways to use epoxy resin for DIY projects. From crafting and furniture restoration to home improvement and gardening, this blog offers new ideas for creative uses of epoxy resins. It provides tutorials on how to fix broken items, create custom pieces, or build something from scratch. The blog is brought to you by the Salvage Secrets team and maintained by Martin, a writer, and DIYer who likes all things creative.

There are a few reasons why this blog matters. First, it provides information on how to use epoxy resin for different projects. This is important because epoxy resin is a versatile material that can be used for many different things. Second, the blog offers tutorials on how to fix broken items or create custom pieces from scratch. This is important because it helps people learn new skills and saves them money by teaching them how to fix things instead of buying new ones. Finally, the Salvage Secrets team maintains the blog and writes about their latest projects.