Can you put paper in resin?

You can put paper in resin, but you’ll have to be careful about how you do it. One common way to add paper to resin is by embedding it between layers of resin, as in this article.

To do this, you’ll want an object with lots of small flat spaces where the paper will fit, like a box or a cube. Another approach is to cut up your paper into thin strips and then either paint them individually or use them as brush strokes in your final piece.

What happens if you put paper in resin?

While the paper is a common item that many crafters use, it’s not the best option for resin. In fact, you should avoid using paper in any kind of resin project because it will dissolve and ruin your paper.

If you’re trying to figure out what type of material can be used with your resins, keep reading!

How do you set paper in resin?

There are several ways to set the paper in resin. You can use a resin that has a hardener, or you can use a resin made specifically for printing on paper.

Resins with hardeners often require more time to cure and may be harder to remove from the mold when finished, so they may not be right for your project.

Resin made specifically for paper is often called “paperclay” or “paperclay medium.” This type of product is designed specifically to keep the fibers of your print intact while setting them in place within the mold.

Does paper last in resin?

You can’t put paper in resin. It will not last, and it will not be visible when you’re finished. The reason for this is that the paper isn’t strong enough to hold up under the pressure of the resin.

When you mix your resin, it is so thick that there’s no way the paper could withstand its weight. In fact, if you try to use paper in your resin, it’ll just get destroyed completely and turn into pulp.

How do you seal paper before applying resin?

So how do you seal paper before applying resin? You’ll need a sealable container. A good choice would be any of the following:

  • A sealable bag (you could use an old one if it’s been washed)
  • The lid to a jar
  • The lid to a can

The trick is to make sure there’s nothing inside that will leak into your resin when it melts. Make sure that whatever container you use isn’t made out of metal and has no metallic parts, or else your resin won’t cure properly.

Can I put paper in epoxy resin?

If you’re using paper for any of the following purposes, you’ll want to use a different resin:

  • Paper flowers. The fibers in paper are too strong for epoxy resin and will dissolve in it. Try making paper flowers with some other form of adhesive instead, like glue or craft foam pieces!
  • Stickers on a book cover. Epoxy resin is waterproof and will make your stickers look dull unless they’re laminated first (which isn’t such a bad thing). There are lots of options out there if you want to get creative with your DIY project—try sticking them onto the canvas instead!
  • Writing on glass by hand or an inkjet printer (or anything else that requires something like that). Epoxy resins aren’t exactly known for being clear enough to read the text through them; if this is important to your project then we recommend using something else instead!

Can I put stickers in resin?

Yes, stickers can be used in resin. The question is, why would you want to? Decals and glitter are the two most common types of stickers that people use in resin.

Decals are made from a thin paper or plastic material that you can apply on top of your nail polish or even tattoo designs. These are often found in nail art kits and come with a special clear coat that allows them to stick to the surface when applied.

Glitter is also another popular option among those who want their nails to shine bright with sparkles! You can purchase different types of glitter depending on what color scheme you have going on today (or tomorrow).

Once again, applying the right type of top coat will allow it to stay put after it’s applied over clear polish so don’t worry about getting rid

Can you use paper flowers in resin?

You can use paper flowers in resin. It’s a great way to add texture and dimension to your project. Paper flowers will last in resin, and they won’t be affected by the resin at all.

What can I use to write on resin?

To write on your resin, you can use a permanent marker, paint pen, and pencil. You can also use crayons and watercolor brushes. If you want to make your writing stand out more, try using sharpies or a paint roller for an extra bold look!


So, there you have it! Some of these answers may seem obvious, but that’s because we’ve had so many people ask them before. Hopefully, this helps you figure out how to handle paper and resin safely and efficiently.

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