Can you put photo paper in resin?

I love resin. It’s a magical substance that has transformed my craft life forever, but sometimes I run into questions that make me scratch my head.

“Can you put photo paper in resin?” is one of those questions. The answer: yes! You can add photos to your resin projects and seal them for protection.

And if you’ve ever wondered how to use epoxy tumblers with photos (or other items), this post will tell all…

Can you put a picture in resin?

You can put a photo in resin. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you get started.

  • Make sure the picture is not too large for your project size. This will help prevent part of it from being cut off when you pour your resin and make it look bad or even mess up the project entirely if it gets stuck on things like edges and corners. If you’re not sure how big your photo should be, try printing out some samples on paper first to see what they look like when they dry so that you can determine which ones work best with your project idea!

What photo paper can I use in resin?

All kinds! You can use any type of paper or cardstock that’s thin enough to work with, including scrapbooking materials and plain printer paper.

The thinner the better – we recommend using 20lb or lower weight (thickness) papers, as they will be easier to cut and fold into shapes. See our list below for some examples:

As long as your photo has been printed on a transparency film, it should work just fine! If you have an image printed on regular printing-paper backing (such as glossy photo paper), please make sure that the ink is completely dry before placing it inside the mold.

How do you seal photo paper for resin?

In order to seal photo paper in resin, you first need a good quality photo paper. The best kind of photo paper has a glossy finish and no lamination on it. The sealant should be clear.

Next, mix the two parts of your resin thoroughly and pour them into the mold that you prepared earlier on a table (you can put newspaper down first if you want).

You can use a funnel or just pour straight from the container into your mold. The resin will start to set up as soon as it is poured so work quickly!

How do I add a picture to my epoxy tumbler?

You can put a photo in resin. To begin, you’ll need the following materials: Clear epoxy resin (not gel), glass beads and/or glitter, mixing cup with lid & funnel, stirring stick or chopsticks.

How do you put pictures in resin coasters?

  • Print your picture out on photo paper. If you don’t have access to a printer, there are online services that will do this for you, but they can be expensive. You can use a laser printer if you have one at home; if not, look into getting one from your local library or buying one from a secondhand store (or even on Craigslist).
  • Cut out the picture using scissors or a paper cutter so that it fits perfectly on top of your coaster (you may need more than one copy depending on how many coasters fit in your mold).
  • Spray water onto the coaster with a spray bottle before pouring resin over it so that the image becomes repositionable after it dries and allows for easier placement when positioning printed images with precision are needed.”

Can you clear coat over pictures?

You can apply a clear coat over your resin project. Clear coat is used to protect resin and make it look shiny. You should use a good quality clear coat when doing this, because cheap ones may not harden properly or have an unpleasant smell.

To apply the clear coat, first make sure that your piece is completely dry and cured (usually about 48 hours). Apply the topcoat just like you would any other paint, using brushes or spray guns – whatever method you prefer.

Can you put anything in resin?

You can put most things in resin, but you should be careful. There are a few things that won’t work. Here’s what you can and can’t put into your resin:

  • Can’t: paper, plastic, metal, wood and glass
  • Solid objects like rocks or marbles may not hold their shape when cured as well as other materials like polymer clay or paper mache.

Can you put glossy paper in resin?

Yes, you can use glossy paper in resin.

If you’re looking to make art or jewelry out of your resin, then using glossy paper is a great way to create a 3D effect. The glossiness of the paper will enhance the depth and shine of your piece. You can even use it on coasters to add some personality and pizzazz!


But if you’re really interested in using photo paper and resin together, there’s one more option. You can try mixing the two yourself with another resin that’s specifically designed for use with photos.

This way you’ll know exactly how much of each ingredient goes into your resin, which will help prevent unwanted bubbles from forming later on down the road.

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