Can you use Mod Podge instead of epoxy?

Epoxy is a strong adhesive that bonds well to many surfaces. If you have a project that requires epoxy and you don’t have any on hand, there are other products that can be used as substitutes for epoxy.

One of the most popular alternatives is Mod Podge by Plaid Crafts.

Can Mod Podge be used as epoxy?

If you want to use Mod Podge as an adhesive, it can be a good choice because it dries clear and is easy to work with. However, there are some significant drawbacks that make it an unsuitable option for many projects.

For example, Mod Podge does not bond well on porous surfaces like wood or paper, so if you have a project with those materials in mind then epoxy will likely be a better choice for you.

Additionally, although the plastic coating around your application area may appear smooth after drying (and in most cases will feel much smoother than epoxy), this coating is very susceptible to chipping off when scratched or scraped against other surfaces.

What can you use instead of epoxy?

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, then you can use epoxy instead of glue. Epoxy is a two-part resin that comes in many different varieties.

There are epoxies designed specifically for wood, plastics, and metal or glass surfaces. The advantage of using epoxy over any other glue is that it dries hard and clear, so if your project has an unfinished look about it now, you’ll get the same finished look when the epoxy dries (which takes about 30 minutes).

Other than that, there isn’t really much difference between using polyurethane sealant instead of polyurethane adhesive or polyurethane primer-sealer. It’s just another way to say “polyurethane sealant” in marketing terms!

What can you use instead of epoxy for tumblers?

The short answer: no. You can’t substitute Mod Podge for epoxy. Epoxy is a resin, and you need a hardener to use it.

Mod Podge, on the other hand, is a glue and sealer. It’s not waterproof or hardening in any way (the stuff I use dries clear).

What’s the difference between Mod Podge and resin?

Epoxy resin is a two-part resin that can be used to make molds, fix broken items, and for other craft projects. The product is sold in small plastic containers called cups, and each cup holds enough material to cover 1 square inch of surface area.

Epoxy resin consists of a mixture of epoxy compound and hardeners (a chemical agent that accelerates the curing process).

When mixed together, the epoxy compound and hardener react chemically with each other to create a thick substance called an adhesive or glue.

However, you must use it within an hour or so after mixing before it begins to set up and become unusable.

Is Modge podge resin waterproof?

No, you cannot. Epoxy is a two-part solution made up of resin and hardener that needs to be mixed together before using it.

These two components are mixed at a specific ratio depending on the type of epoxy you are using, which will determine how long the bond will last between your surfaces.

The other reason why this answer is so resoundingly negative is that Mod Podge is not waterproof; it’s not even water-resistant and therefore won’t help protect your glued surfaces from moisture damage if left unprotected against rain or other natural elements.

Is Modge podge resin safe?

Mod Podge is a water-based adhesive that contains no solvents, so it’s perfectly safe to work with. There are no toxic fumes or off-gassing that you need to worry about when using this product.

Here are some other things you should know:

  • Modge podge is not toxic to fish.
  • Modge podge is not toxic to bees (or at least bees aren’t affected by it).
  • Modge podge is not toxic to birds, either (if they happen upon your workspace, anyway!).

Is there a natural alternative to epoxy resin?

Glue is a great alternative to epoxy resin, and there are many different types of glue that you can choose from. The best type of glue for your project will depend on the material you are working with.

  • You can use wood glue or white glue as an alternative to epoxy resin if you’re working with wood or paper products.
  • Super glue is a good alternative if your project requires strength and durability, but it isn’t recommended for outdoor projects because it’s not waterproof
  • Rubber cement works well on rubber materials like tires and vinyl flooring.

Can I use hot glue instead of resin?

No, you can’t use hot glue instead of resin. Hot glue is not waterproof and doesn’t last long. It isn’t strong enough for most projects, especially larger projects or ones where you need to paint.

If you do decide to use hot glue, make sure it’s completely dry before adding any other materials so that they don’t get stuck in the glue.


In conclusion, you can use Mod Podge as an alternative to epoxy resin. You may also want to try hot glue instead of resin if you need something more affordable or faster drying time.

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