How do you put vinyl words in resin?

I’ve seen a lot of resin projects on Pinterest lately. It’s one of the hottest craft trends right now and I love how simple it is to make!

If you’re new to working with resin, the question that might be on your mind is: “How do you add words or letters?” If so, keep reading! This post will help explain how to add text to any kind of resin project—including putting pictures into glass jars as a DIY Christmas gift idea.

How do you put words in resin?

You can use a Cricut Explore machine to make your vinyl words for resin. The Explore is the newest version of the original Cricut Maker and Cricut Maker Air machines, so it’s fairly easy to learn how to use.

To start, you’ll need:

  • A Cricut Explore (or another compatible cutting machine) and a compatible cartridge for what you want to say or write in resin. You may want to get one specifically designed for this purpose; there are several options available from companies like Silhouette and Make It Write!
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Can I put vinyl in resin?

The answer is no. Resin will dissolve vinyl, and the vinyl will be ruined.

There are a few reasons that this happens:

  • Vinyl requires a specific adhesive to adhere it to its substrate (wood, metal, etc.). That glue needs to be flexible so it doesn’t crack or break when you bend the vinyl. Resin is not flexible; therefore, it can’t adhere properly to most types of vinyl without cracking or breaking off altogether.
  • The other reason that you can’t put your words in resin is that resin has an extremely high level of viscosity—even more than honey! This means that if you try to pour some into one container with another set of containers on top of it (like your letters), they’ll likely get stuck together and stick together forever!
  • Relatedly: You shouldn’t ever use hot water when working with resin because heat makes glass even more viscous than cold water does—and almost nothing sticks well enough for long enough under those conditions, but don’t worry too much about this unless someone tells you otherwise about their own experience working with these materials!

Can you put vinyl stickers in resin?

Vinyl stickers can be put on pretty much anything that you can stick a piece of paper on.

If you are using vinyl stickers to apply a design to a piece of glass, consider how much pressure will be applied as the glass is lain down onto the resin.

As with many things in life, less is more here—you want just enough glue to hold your design in place but not so much that it begins to ooze out around the edges when you lay the glass down and seal it with resin.

Can you epoxy over vinyl letters?

You can use epoxy to add words to resin. If you’re using a clear resin, you’ll probably want to use the same color vinyl lettering that you’re using on your piece. If you’re using an opaque resin and want it to look like the letters are embedded in the material, then select a contrasting color of vinyl lettering.

What can I use to write on resin?

The resin can be marked with a permanent marker, a pencil, and even Sharpies. A paint pen or brush will work well to add details to your design and it’s also possible to use acrylic paint directly onto the resin.

If you want to get really fancy with your design, try using a roller that has been designed for applying decals or stickers as this is ideal for applying large amounts of product in one go and ensures good coverage throughout.

The main thing to remember when choosing how you want your words placed on your pieces is that there are no rules! You can create whatever effect takes your fancy!

How do you make resin letters?

Resin is a polymer resin, which means that it is a man-made material that’s produced by mixing polymers together. Epoxy resin is one type of resin made from epoxy polymers. Vinyl cutters and vinyl words are made from vinyl, which is another type of polymer.

A Cricut is an electronic tool used to cut out designs on paper or fabric. It works by taking an image file and transferring it onto a special cutting mat with an electronic stylus, which then passes over the surface of the mat as it cuts out the design in layers using a heated blade at high speeds.

The result is a cleanly-cut pattern with sharp edges and no visible seams or lines like those seen when using scissors or other traditional tools such as knives or rulers (though some people prefer to use these methods because they feel they’re more precise).

An engraving machine has two main parts: first comes either an inkjet printer head or laser light source—both pointed at your object so as to etch away areas where you don’t want anything left behind; second, comes whatever object needs text added onto its surface—which can be metal plates such as those used for credit cards; wood boards such as those found inside wooden furniture pieces; plastic surfaces like those found on cell phones cases etcetera.”

How do you add names to resin coasters?

  • Use a Cricut to cut the letters out of vinyl, and then use craft glue or Mod Podge to adhere them to the coaster.
  • Apply resin according to the instructions on your kit, and then let it dry completely before you pop off the clear plastic from underneath each letter
  • Use tweezers or a Xacto knife (or another sharp tool) to gently pry up each letter
  • Take a long piece of wire and wrap it around your finger so that it resembles a ring shape

Can Cricut engrave resin?

Yes, you can use Cricut to engrave on resin. But you might not want to.

If you’re into the whole DIY crafts thing and have a Cricut, it’s probably because you want to cut out a bunch of vinyl words and stick them onto your projects.

Vinyl is pretty thin and easy to remove if you don’t like it later (like some people do with glitter). You can also print your own vinyl stickers at home and cut them yourself!

However, if you’re trying to make something more permanent or have already purchased an expensive sheet of resin that came with its own set of beautiful words already printed on it, then maybe consider not using your Cricut for this project.

The machine is just too powerful for these kinds of materials: it can easily slice through several layers at once—and when things get messy enough in there, well…you know what happens next…


There are so many ways to create your own personalized resin and vinyl projects. From using different types of lettering to adding photos or other decorative elements like glitter, there is something for everyone!

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