How To Preserve Wedding Flowers In Epoxy Resin?

It’s that time of the year again. The air is warming up, and weddings are happening more frequently as we approach summertime.

One thing you may not know about preserving flowers from a wedding in epoxy resin is that it can be done at home!

This article will go over why and how to do this project with ease for your own flower preservation needs.

What Happens If You Put Fresh Flowers In Resin

  • The flowers stay fresher for longer.
  • They look more vibrant and colorful than ever before, especially if you choose to use colored resin.
  • They can last for years and do not fade or wilt, even in direct sunlight.

How Do You Keep Flowers Fresh In Resin

First, soak your flowers in a strong flower preservative. You can also use Clear Floral Adhesive which is available at most craft stores. While the adhesive will be diluted when mixed with resin, it does help keep stems flexible and prevents leaves from wilting. A few hours of overnight soaking should do the trick.

Next, mix the resin in small batches. You don’t want to mix too much at once or it will start to cure before you’re done and leave your flowers sticky when they should be dry.

For best results, pour just enough resin into a disposable cup that is only half full then add your adhesive-soaked flowers one by one until the cup is almost full leaving room for stirring without spilling over.

Stir well between each addition but do not whip air bubbles into the mixture with an electric mixer (unless of course, you like how it looks!).

The more slowly you stir, keeping things calm instead of bubbly, the clearer your final project will look! Plus if any bubbles remain after pouring they can easily be popped with a pin.

How Do I Preserve My Wedding Flowers

The process of preserving your wedding flowers can be broken into two different parts:

short term and long term. Short term, the most important part of saving your wedding day flowers is to make sure they are properly hydrated with water immediately after cutting them from their stems.

Long term, there are a few things you need to know about how flower preservation works in epoxy resin before making any decisions on what method you would like to use for showcasing those beautiful memories that will last forever!

Will Flowers Die In Resin

Flowers will not die in epoxy resin. The only thing that happens is the moisture within the flowers absorbs into the clear liquid compound, causing them to dry out and become brittle over time.

How Do You Preserve Fresh Flowers Permanently

When you want to preserve fresh flowers, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably not epoxy resin.

However, what if I told you it’s a great way to keep those perfect wedding bouquets looking as good as they did on the big day?

With almost no effort and very little expense, you can have permanent keepsakes for yourself or even turn them into a profitable business venture! We’ll go step by step through everything from picking out your flowers to sealing with an epoxy sealer so you can see just how easy this process really is!

Can You Set Real Flowers In Resin

Yes, you can. In fact, epoxy resin is one of the most popular ways to preserve wedding flowers. You have a lot of options for this project and it’s completely up to your personal preferences!

Can You Embed Fresh Flowers In Resin

Yes! Embedding flowers in resin is a great way to preserve your wedding bouquet, but you have to choose a different epoxy for the flowers.

To embed fresh wedding flowers in resin, use Pro-Weave Knot Easy instead of ArtResin Traditional Resin with Hardener.

The knot easy is specifically formulated to hold floral foam and even water! This makes it perfect for preserving your wedding bouquet without letting the stems soak up too much resin.

Simply place some flower food on top of your floral foam or water tube before placing each individual rose petal into the mixture, this will not only preserve them longer, but they’ll look beautiful when finished because all of their natural curves are preserved by stopping any curling that would otherwise occur while drying.

How Do You Put Resin On A Rose

Start by cutting the stem of your flower, then fill a container with epoxy resin. Depths will vary depending on how deep you want to go into the petals and leaves of your flowers. Set aside for 24 hours before using them again.

How Do You Dry Flowers And Keep Color

To dry flowers and keep their color, you will need to use a product called epoxy resin.

Epoxy is available at most craft stores or online from various suppliers. It’s fairly easy to work with as a beginner project for those who don’t have much experience working with this type of medium before.

The first thing that needs to be done is to collect all your favorite blooms together in preparation for the finishing touch on your prized wedding memory piece.

How Do You Dry Flowers With Salt And Resin

Pour a little resin into the glass container, enough to cover all of your flowers. Once poured in, add salt until you reach about half an inch from the top of the jar. You want there to be some room for flower stems and leaves beneath this line.


What Is Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resins are a group of chemical products that can be used to preserve objects. They’re particularly good for preserving things like flowers because the process only takes about 30 minutes and doesn’t damage their petals in any way.

It’s important to note that this method won’t work on all types of flowers, however. Flowers that are mostly made of water won’t do well with this method because the epoxy resin hardens very quickly and can cause damage to the flower petals before it has time to dry completely.

How Much Does It Cost

The total price will depend on how many areas you need your piece to cover, but most people estimate the cost to be around $100.

How Long Does It Take

Although the epoxy resin takes about 30 minutes to set completely, you need to keep your flowers in the solution for several hours before removing them so that they can absorb as much of the liquid as possible.

Plan on at least a full day for this process, so you don’t accidentally disrupt your flowers while they’re still wet.

What Other Materials Do I Need

You should wear gloves and safety glasses when working with epoxy resin to protect yourself from irritation or injury.

Depending on what kind of brush you use for application, you might also want to consider using a palette knife instead of your fingers to hold your flowers in place.

When Is The Best Time Of Year/Season/Day For This Project

The epoxy resin can be applied any time, but it’s important that you do so when the weather and humidity levels in your area are fairly consistent, otherwise, moisture might cause damage to your flowers.

Also keep in mind that epoxy resin starts to dry very quickly, so it’s best if you can complete the entire process in one day.

How Much Room Do I Need

The epoxy resin should be applied in a well-ventilated area with plenty of space around your project for airflow. Try setting up shop on either an indoor or outdoor table that doesn’t get too much foot traffic.

How Do I Clean Up

The epoxy resin can be removed from your hands and tools with regular soap and water, but it’s important that you don’t let any of the solutions come into direct contact with your skin or eyes because it might irritate them.

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