How To Make Epoxy Resin Chess Set?

A chess set is a great thing to hand down from generation to generation, but it can be expensive.

 Why not make one of your own? This tutorial will show you how to create an epoxy resin chess set that looks like marble and is durable enough for the outdoors.

What Is Epoxy Resin And Why Use It To Make A Chess Set?

Epoxy resin is an amazing material that when mixed with hardener, forms a paste that can be used to make all kinds of things. 

One common use for epoxy resins is in creating chess sets because they give you the opportunity to create any shape or design and then fill them up with paint so your chess pieces look like real-world ones.

Materials Needed For Project?

Resin. Make sure it’s the right kind of resin for making chess sets (epoxy, clear acrylic)

Pigment or dye to color the resin If you want colored pieces instead of white. This is optional though!

Mixing cups and stirring sticks Molds to use as a container for your chess set.

most people just buy these online but if you’re looking for something interesting, I’m going to post some links below that show how other people made their own molds out of silicone caulk/putty/jello in different shapes like skulls and pumpkins, etc.

They look really cool! Make sure whatever mold material you choose can withstand heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit which is what the resin needs to be heated up to in order for it to flow.

How To Mix The Epoxy Resin?

Mix the epoxy resin, hardener, and color additive in a disposable container. Use an electric mixer or hand mixer on low speed to blend these ingredients together until you’ve achieved uniform coloration. 

Be sure not to create air bubbles as this will ruin your finished product! If necessary, use masking tape around the jar opening before mixing with a stick tool (recommended) or spatula so that the mixture doesn’t drip out of the jar while it’s being mixed up.

Applying The Epoxy Resin Onto Your Chess Pieces!

the next step in making your epoxy resin chess set. Give each piece a liberal coating of epoxy and roll it around until you’re satisfied that it is covered completely with no air bubbles or gaps between coats (also known as gassing).

You can use an old paintbrush for this job, although I’ve found that popsicle sticks work better because they are thicker and don’t bend when pressure is applied.

It’s probably best to do one side at a time so you can keep rolling the pieces without having to add more adhesive on top of what has already started drying.

Sometimes some excess adhesive will get on your fingers during this process – just wipe them off before moving on to the next piece!

Tips On How To Avoid Bubbles In Your Chess Set 

Once you have poured the resin into your molds, it is important to avoid bubbles while they are still curing.

The most common way of doing so is by adding a release agent such as silicone spray or wax onto the mold before pouring in the epoxy.

By using this method, there will be no need for degassing and bubble removal later on!

Another tip is to use a vacuum chamber. This will allow you to pull out any bubbles in the resin before it has time to harden, potentially saving your chess set from total ruin!

How Long Does An Epoxy Resin Chess Set Last?

An Epoxy Resin Chess Set will last over 100 years. It is difficult to determine the exact length of time that an Epoxy resin chess set lasts because there are many factors that come into play.

For instance, how well you maintain your board and pieces, as well as location, can all contribute to how long your epoxy resin chess set will stay intact.

If you take care of your game properly by cleaning it regularly, using proper storage methods (storing flat or upright), and avoiding direct sunlight exposure, then it should be able to hold up for at least a hundred years without showing much wear if any at all!


How Should You Store Your Resin Epoxy Set?

It will be necessary for you to properly maintain your epoxy resin chessboard. Ensure that all surfaces receive equal sun exposure as this may lead to discoloration between different areas on the board surface.

Can Resin Be Glued Together?

Yes, resin can adhere together. Ensure that both surfaces are clean of dirt or oils before gluing the pieces together.

What Size Should Your Chessboard Be?

There is no standard answer to this question! However, it is important to note that larger boards will make these sets heavier and more difficult for smaller children/adults to store.

A good average board dimension would be 12″ x 12″. You want a nice-sized surface area but not too big so it’s difficult for storage purposes.

Is Epoxy Safe? What About If Someone Chews On One Of The Pieces?

Epoxy resins have been used in water bowls, birdbaths, etc… because they do not leech harmful chemicals into liquids or food products when they are being chewed on by animals.

What Should You Do If A Piece Breaks?

If your resin chess set ever becomes damaged to the point where it needs repair don’t worry! You can purchase epoxy at any local hardware store and use this glue to adhere broken pieces together again.

If possible, try not to place a weight over the area for 24 hours so that the bond is strong enough.

Additionally, ensure both surfaces have been clean of dirt or oils prior to gluing in order for maximum adhesion potential.

Is Epoxy Resin Chess Set A Realistic Alternative To Wood Sets?

There certainly is a difference when it comes to wood vs epoxy resin boards! However, the difference is only noticeable in appearance.

Perhaps it’s more of a personal preference as you can see that both types are very durable and will last for years upon years.

What Should I Do If My Board Discolor Maintain?

If your board has become faded or stained over time due to exposure/lack of proper storage then try scrubbing with soap and water until clean.

You may need to use sandpaper on any stubborn stains which won’t come up by hand but this shouldn’t be necessary so long as you properly store your set when not using it.

Additionally, ensure all surfaces receive equal sun throughout the year.

How Do You Get Resin Letters To Stick Together?

Ensure that all surfaces of the letter have been clean and free of dirt or oils before gluing.

Then, apply a generous amount of glue to both sides and allow them to sit for at least 20 minutes so the bond has time to form.

How Do You Join Two Pieces Of Resin Together?

The best way to join two pieces of resin together is by using epoxy. Ensure that both surfaces are clean and free from dirt or oils prior to gluing in order for maximum adhesion potential!

Epoxy Resin Chess Board Mold?

You can make a mold out of silicone materials.

How To Pour A Resin Chessboard?

Ensure your mold is clean and free of dirt or oils before pouring.

Then, pour the epoxy resin into the molds using an Exacto knife to remove any excess that may accumulate near edges/corners.

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