Is bong resin mold?

Glass bongs are a great way to enjoy marijuana. But the sticky, black resin that builds up in them can be an eyesore and might even cause damage if not handled properly.

If you want to keep your bong looking clean and clear, follow our guide on how to clean a glass bong with resin buildup!

Can you put resin on a glass bong?

If you’re wondering if you can put resin on a glass bong, the answer is yes. But it’s important to always clean your pipe thoroughly before putting more resin into it.

You should also clean your pipe every few weeks or so to prevent mold from growing inside of it.

You can use any type of cleaning product to wash the gunk off—soap, alcohol, and even vinegar are all good choices. It’s not recommended that you use water (or any other liquid) because this may cause damage to the glass and could contaminate the next batch of weed with harmful bacteria or mold spores if they get trapped inside when they dry out again later on down the line!

How do you get mold out of a bong?

If you find mold on your bong, you’ll need to clean it up. Mold can cause health problems and destroy your bong if left unchecked. Here are some ways to solve this problem:

  • Use a bleach solution. Mix one cup of household bleach with one gallon of water, then pour it over the affected area on a cloth. Let sit for 10 minutes before wiping down with another cloth and rinsing off any residue with warm water.
  • Use a vinegar solution instead of bleach if you’re concerned about its toxicity levels or simply want an alternative method that’s just as effective at eliminating mold from your glass piece but doesn’t leave so much residue behind afterward (which could make things more difficult when trying to get everything cleaned up). Mix two tablespoons each white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together in a spray bottle; then apply directly onto affected areas before rinsing off all residue with warm water after 5–10 minutes have passed since applying them both together directly onto all surfaces where mold may have existed previously inside your bong.”

How do you clean a bong that has been sitting?

  • Cleaning the inside of the bong
  • Use a pipe cleaner or cotton swab to clean the inside of your bong.
  • Cleaning the outside of the bong
  • Use a soft bristle bong brush to clean your glass piece.
  • Cleaning the mouthpiece
  • A cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol works well as a quick and easy way to clean out your mouthpiece.

How do you clean a silicone bong without alcohol?

The first thing you need to know is that silicone can be cleaned with water, but it can also be cleaned with rubbing alcohol. The second thing you need to know is that the glass piece on top of your silicone bong could get broken if you use too much force when cleaning it or if there’s something stuck in there (like resin).

So if it breaks, don’t worry! You can replace it for about $40-50 USD on Amazon.

  • Use a soft cloth and warm water to wipe down your bong
  • Use rubbing alcohol or another type of solvent cleaner like window cleaner (you don’t want anything too harsh) and wipe down all areas of your bong where dirt and grime might have accumulated

Can bong resin clog drains?

Bong resin isn’t a clog. The only time you run into an issue with resin is if you have a small pipe and use too much of it at once. This can cause the resin to stick to your pipe, but it won’t stick to your drain or take up more than one spot in your pipe.

If you do end up with some stuck-on bong resin that doesn’t want to come off, try running hot water over it for 10-15 minutes before scrubbing gently with soap and warm water.

What is the sticky black stuff in my bong?

The sticky black stuff in your bong is resin. It’s a mixture of oils and other chemicals that collect over time as combustion residues on the glass. The glass itself is usually pretty inert, but when you smoke from it with hot smoke, some of the chemicals in the burning material stick to the surface of your bong.

Resin isn’t molded or bacteria—it’s just carbon buildup from smoking. The thing about resins is that they’re not dangerous to inhale (unless you have an allergy), so if you don’t like having a dirty-looking bong and/or fear getting sick from bacteria growing in there, all you need to do is clean it out every once in a while!

Bongs can get gross if you don’t clean them regularly—and trust us when we say this: No one wants funky tasting weed because they didn’t take care of their equipment!

What happens if you smoke out of a dirty bong?

The main concern is that you’ll get sick. Smoking out of a dirty bong will cause you to inhale a mixture of germs, dust, and resin that can lead to coughing, sore throats, and more serious respiratory illnesses like pneumonia or bronchitis.

This can be especially dangerous for people who already have respiratory conditions like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

If you suspect your bong is dirty – the best way to find out is by looking at it! If there’s any discoloration on the inside of your glass pipe (usually brown), then it may be time for some cleaning. If so, follow these steps for effective cleaning:

  • Thoroughly wash all parts of your bong with warm water and soap; rinse well before drying them off completely with paper towels or cloths

Will boiling water break a bong?

Boiling water is not recommended for cleaning a bong because it can crack the glass, silicone, and the bong itself. The glass will break apart from its own heat, which isn’t good for you or your lungs.

If you’re lucky enough to have a silicone-lined tube, boiling water will likely cause cracks in that as well. In both cases, chemicals from the resin will be released into your lungs as you inhale smoke through the broken piece of equipment.


I hope that this article has answered all of your questions about moldy bongs and how to get rid of them. If there are any other issues you have with your bong, or if you want more advice on how to take care of it, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We would love to hear from you.

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