How much epoxy do I need for a 2 car garage?

If you’re planning to coat your garage with epoxy, this article will take you through the basics of what epoxy does and how much it costs. We’ll walk you through the steps of calculating how much epoxy you need for your garage floor and how much that will cost.

By the end of this article, you should have an idea of whether or not an epoxy coating is right for your garage floor and what type of price tag to expect.

We’re going to start by digging into why an epoxy coating might be a good fit for a garage floor in terms of performance, aesthetics, and cost. Then we’ll cover the process of measuring where each drop of epoxy goes so that we can accurately calculate how much epoxy is required to cover your entire floor surface area.

How much epoxy do I need for my garage?

First, you’ll need to measure the square footage of your garage floor. To do this, use a tape measure to calculate the length and width of your garage (in feet) and multiply the two measurements together. For example, if your garage is 40 feet long and 20 feet wide, you will have 800 square feet of floor space.

Now that you know how much floor space you’re dealing with, it’s time to figure out how much epoxy resin you’ll require. This can vary depending on what brand or company you’re purchasing from, but a good rule of thumb is 1.5 gallons per 100 square feet of surface area for each coat. In our example above, that means we would need 1,200 total gallons for 2 coats (1 x 1.5 + 800 x 1.5).

Naturally, there are other factors that might alter this calculation—a thicker layer may be required by certain epoxies; some manufacturers sell pre-mixed kits in batches not based on 100 sq ft—but at least now you have a working baseline to start with!

How many square feet will 2 gallons of epoxy cover?

The short answer: 200 square feet or less. The long answer: it depends.

  • Less than 200 square feet – A normal 2 car garage is just over 400 sq ft, so you would need two kits of Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Professional to get the job done. You’ll have some leftovers, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Over 200 square feet – Your garage may be larger than a basic 2 car size, or you might have some cracks that require more epoxy. With the extra room in your budget, you can use Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Professional with confidence and enjoy your beautiful new floor for years to come!

How long does it take to epoxy 2 car garage floor?

Well, first things first. Epoxy floor coating has a transformation period after it’s applied to the concrete. This means that until that period has passed and the garage floor coating is cured, you are not supposed to walk on or use your garage for any reason.

Therefore, when asking how much time it will take to apply an epoxy coating in a two car garage with a new concrete slab, you need to know that most people allow 2-3 days for the entire project.

The day before you start your project should be spent doing preparation work like cleaning and patching cracks in your concrete slab.

The day of the application should be set aside for mixing and applying epoxy coatings. You also need to factor in cleaning up after yourself as well as drying times between coats (roughly 24 hours each). Since most garages are used every day by a family or business, this can be one of the trickiest parts of a DIY installation!

How much does it cost to epoxy a garage floor?

If you’re considering adding epoxy to your garage floor, now is the time to get a little more specific. How much coverage area are you looking at? Do you want a simple, one-color application or a multi-colored masterpiece? Let’s take a look at some of the most common square footage options and get an idea of how much epoxy you’ll need for each.

How do I calculate how much epoxy I need?

So, how much epoxy do you need for a two-car garage? To calculate how much epoxy you will need for your project, all you have to do is multiply the square footage of the surface by the desired thickness of the finished product.

For example, if it is a 400 square foot garage and you want to pour an epoxy mixture that is one-half inch thick, then 400 x 0.5 = 200 gallons.

  • How do I calculate how much epoxy I need?

Finding out how many ounces or liters of epoxy you’ll need is done by multiplying three measurements together: length (in feet or meters), width (in feet or meters), and depth (in inches).

How do I calculate how much epoxy resin I need?

To calculate the number of gallons you need, multiply the length, width and thickness of your project area. Then, divide that by 231 (the number of cubic inches in a gallon). Be sure to convert all measurements to inches before doing this calculation.

Now that you know how much epoxy resin you need, you can figure out how much hardener is required. The ratio between resin and hardener depends on the type of project you are working on:

  • If a high-gloss finish is desired, use a 3:1 ratio by volume. In other words, for every three gallons of resin mixed together with one gallon of hardener (or one quart of each).
  • If a high-gloss finish is not desired and/or your application requires long work time or lower temperature cure time, use a 2:1 ratio by volume. For example, mix two gallons of resin with one gallon (or one quart) of hardener.

How long should you typically wait between coats of epoxy if you are pouring it very deep?

The manufacturers of Epoxy Master™ recommend that you wait 24 hours between each coat. You can wait longer, up to 48 hours if you would like the epoxy to fully cure and have more time before you apply the next coat.

There is no problem waiting until the next day to apply another coat. This will give it a full 24 hours to dry, even in a humid area! If pouring very deep layers of epoxy then it is recommended that you wait for it to fully cure (72 hours) before applying your next pour.

How many square feet will 1 gallon of epoxy cover?

You can apply it yourself using a brush and roller or sprayer. One gallon of epoxy will cover approximately 150 square feet or 50 square feet per quart. If you’re coating a 2-car garage, this means you’ll need at least 2 gallons to complete the job from start to finish. That said, this is only an estimate of epoxy coverage for a 2-car garage. To get a precise calculation for your project:

  • Measure the length and width of your concrete surface area in feet
  • Multiply these numbers together to calculate the square footage (area in square feet)
  • Round up the number of gallons needed based on the manufacturer’s suggested coverage rate per gallon

For example, if your garage is 15 ft x 20 ft (300 sqft), you’ll need


So, you want to know how much epoxy I need for a 2 car garage? How many square feet will 2 gallons of epoxy cover? How long does it take to epoxy a 2 car garage floor? And how much does it cost to epoxy a garage floor? Your questions have been answered. Just follow our guide and you’re on your way to achieving the perfect 2 car garage floor!

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