How much does epoxy resin cost per gallon?

Have you ever wondered how much epoxy resin costs per gallon?. Epoxy resin is a popular material that can be used for many different projects, including jewelry making, crafts, and home improvement.

It comes in two parts: hardener and resin. To get the best results from the epoxy you have to mix them in the right ratio.

What’s the price for a gallon of epoxy?

What does it cost?

The price of epoxy resin is closely tied to the quality of the product, so this depends on what manufacturer you end up with.

Some companies are selling cheap epoxy resin (i.e., low-quality) for as little as $10/gal while other brands sell high-quality resins for upwards of $100/gal. It all depends on who you’re buying from and what company standards to adhere to.

How much does epoxy resin cost?

If you’re planning on buying epoxy resin, then the first question you should ask yourself is “How much does epoxy resin cost?”.

The good news: A gallon of liquid epoxy resin doesn’t cost as much as you might think. A gallon of liquid epoxy will usually set you back about $80-$120 and will cover between 12-20 square feet per mixed gallon at a thickness of 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch depending on what type of product you purchase.

How much does 2 gallons of epoxy cover?

Epoxy resin is measured by gallons. The standard kit of epoxy resin (also known as the “2-to-1 ratio”) has two gallons of resin and one gallon of hardener.

When mixed together, these two liquids form a thick compound that can be used for many different applications. But how much does 2 gallons of epoxy cover?

The exact amount will depend on how thick you apply the epoxy, but 2 gallons of epoxy resin can cover about 24 square feet when poured across a flat surface.

What is the coverage of 1 gallon of epoxy resin?

Wondering how much epoxy resin you need to complete your project? The answer depends on the type of epoxy resin and the volume you’re looking to cover.

The coverage of 1 gallon of epoxy resin is:

  • 1.5 square feet if using a thin pour
  • 8 square feet if using a thick pour (1/8 inch)
  • 15 square feet if using a thick pour (1/4 inch)

Is epoxy resin expensive?

Epoxy resin is not cheap, but it’s not too expensive.

How do you price resin products?

When pricing your resin products, you need to research the going rates for similar products. You also need to carefully calculate your labor and materials to ensure you have a clear idea of how much it costs to make.

Your resin product’s price will depend on multiple factors, including:

  • The competition.
  • Your profit margin (how much you want to make in profit).
  • What the market will bear (the demand for this item).

Once you know what it costs to make each piece (your cost of goods sold), then you can set your prices according to what other people are charging for a similar product and how much money you want to earn on each piece.

How much epoxy resin do I need?

  • How thick do you want to pour the resin.
  • The type of mold you are using.
  • The type of object you are casting (flat objects, like coasters, require less epoxy than 3D projects).

One thing to note: if you are casting multiple objects at once in a single mold, the size of the mold will determine how much epoxy resin is needed and not simply the volume of all castings added together.

This is because two separate castings can’t occupy the same space in a mold simultaneously. So when determining how much epoxy will be needed for your next project, remember that molds have limits as well!

How do you calculate resin?

In order to learn how much epoxy resin you will need for a project, you first have to figure out the volume of it that you will need. How do you do that? It’s simple: just follow these steps:

  • Measure the length and width of the area that needs to be covered.
  • Determine the thickness of each layer or “pour”.
  • Multiply the length and width by the thickness to determine how much volume is needed for each layer.


The most important part of any project is finding the right epoxy resin to work with. Epoxies can vary by both price and quality. If a gallon of epoxy resin costs $50, and you will need two gallons of it for your project, that means that you’ll be spending $100 on epoxy alone.

Setting a budget is essential because certain types of epoxy are more expensive than others. For example, UV-resistant coatings will cost more than a standard coating. You’ll also be spending more on your project if you decide to use pigments or colorants to create custom colors for your work surface.

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