can epoxy resin catch fire?

Epoxy resin is a hard, clear polymer that can be used to form strong bonds between materials. It’s a popular tool for DIYers and crafters because of its strength and ability to cure at room temperature.

However, there are some misconceptions about what happens when epoxy gets too hot. Does it catch fire? What happens if it gets too hot? Keep reading for the answers!

Can cured epoxy resin catch fire?

Yes, epoxy resin can catch fire. However, it is not flammable or combustible in its cured state. Epoxy resin and bisphenol A (BPA) are considered heat-resistant products but also require careful handling during their curing process.

As noted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), epoxy resins do not contain any chemicals that are listed on California’s Proposition 65 list of substances known to cause cancer or birth defects, but BPA may be present in small amounts in some epoxy resins.

Because of this, it’s recommended that you read product labels carefully before using any chemical product that might contain BPA.

Are epoxy resin flammable?

Epoxy resin is not flammable. It does not catch fire or burn on its own.

The chemicals in epoxy resin react with one another, creating a strong bond that hardens when cooled to room temperature.

If you were to put it on fire and try to light the liquid epoxy, it wouldn’t catch fire because this reaction doesn’t happen quickly enough for even a spark to be created before all of the epoxies burns out or evaporates into gas form (which does not combust).

What happens when epoxy gets too hot?

Though epoxy resin is not flammable, it can catch fire and burn if you leave your project in an area where the temperature is too hot.

If you’re working in an area that’s too hot, the resin will dry too quickly and may begin to smoke before it has a chance to harden properly. This will create an opportunity for the material to ignite and cause a fire.

Is resin highly flammable?

The answer is no. Epoxy resin itself is not highly flammable. Most epoxies are made from two parts: the resin and the hardener.

The resin is a polymer or plastic, and it does not burn as a solid item. However, if you were to light epoxy resins on fire, they would burn like any other plastic material until all of their volatiles had escaped into the air (which could take several minutes).

The same can be said for most plastics—they’ll burn when you set them on fire but won’t catch fire otherwise.

Does epoxy melt in heat?

Epoxy resin is not heat resistant. The epoxy resin melts in the heat and doesn’t have a high enough melting point to be used outdoors or in industrial settings where it can get hot.

Epoxy resin has low heat resistance. You shouldn’t use epoxy resin if you’ll be working with it in an area that gets above 70 degrees F or so

Does resin melt in fire?

In short, epoxy resin can catch fire in a very hot fire. If you see flames or sparks around your epoxy resin, move to safety and call for help.

If you are using an epoxy resin that does not contain any wood flour or other combustible materials (like carbon fiber), then it should not melt at normal room temperatures.

However, if the temperature increases above its melting point of 350°F (176°C), it will begin to flow like molasses.

When this happens, your epoxy will no longer hold its shape because it has become too thin and runny to hold its form as a solid material anymore; this is when they become more likely to catch fire than at other times during normal use!

Can you put hot things on epoxy?

While epoxy has the potential to catch fire, it’s not likely that you’ll encounter this issue. If you do, however, remove yourself from the area and contact a professional.

You can’t put hot things on epoxy because they will melt through the coating and damage your work. However, if you have an extremely hot object (like a blowtorch), there will be damage to your epoxy no matter what—so be careful when handling such tools!

Is 5 minute epoxy heat resistant?

In short, no. Epoxy resin itself does not catch fire, but it can release toxic fumes when heated to high temperatures. For this reason, you should always work in a well-ventilated area when using epoxy.

Even though epoxies have a high heat tolerance, they should not be used in applications where temperatures will exceed 250°F (121°C).


So, it is safe to say that epoxy is not a flammable substance. The only thing you need to be careful about when using epoxy resin is avoiding contact with flames or sparks, as they can cause the curing reaction to happen too quickly and lead to cracking.

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