how to make epoxy countertops look like granite?

Epoxy resin countertops are growing in popularity, but there’s still a lot of confusion about how they’re made and what they look like.

In this article, I’ll go over everything you need to know about epoxy resin countertops so that you can decide if it’s the right choice for your kitchen renovation or bathroom remodel.

How do you make epoxy resin look like stone?

Epoxy resin countertops are made of three things: resin, hardener, and pigment. The resin is essentially clear (although it can be tinted), but the pigment gives it its color.

The epoxy mixture is combined with the color you want before it hardens into a solid form, so your final piece will have a consistent color throughout.

In order to create this look, you’ll need to mix equal parts of the resin and hardener together in a plastic cup or small bowl (depending on how much countertop material you’re working with).

Then add about 10% more of each ingredient than recommended so that there’s plenty of room for error during application—you don’t want too much pigment ending up in one place!

Once everything is mixed together thoroughly, measure out some paintbrushes and start applying them directly onto your epoxy surface using even pressure while making sure they’re dry first before moving on to another section

How can I make my countertops look like granite?

If you want to make your countertops look like granite, there are a few different ways to do so. A granite coating is the easiest and most affordable way to beautify your kitchen.

The sealant will protect the top surface of your countertop, keeping it looking pristine for years to come while also protecting against stains and scratches.

If you have any concerns about applying a granite covering or sealer yourself, we highly recommend hiring professionals before beginning this project on your own.

A high-quality polish should be used after every application of epoxy and finish coatings in order to bring out their shine and luster.

The polish can also be used as an everyday cleaner for getting rid of those pesky stains that tend not to go away with regular cleaning routines (iStock).

Are epoxy countertops as good as granite?

Epoxy countertops are a great alternative to granite. They’re more affordable, durable, easier to clean and install, and resistant to stains.

If you’ve ever considered installing epoxy countertops in your kitchen or bathroom but were deterred by the high cost of materials, we have good news for you: it is possible to create beautiful epoxy countertops that look like granite at a fraction of the price—and with far less effort than installing real granite!

Why You Should Not Do epoxy resin countertops?

  • They are not as durable as granite.
  • They are more expensive than granite.
  • The installation process is harder and takes longer than a standard granite countertop installation.
  • Cleaning epoxy countertops can be tricky since you don’t want to use a lot of chemicals or abrasives on the surface. This means that even though they look nice when they’re new, epoxy will probably not last as long as natural stone in your kitchen or bathroom.

How do you make epoxy granite?

Making epoxy granite countertops is fairly easy. The first step is to use a concrete stain, in this case, it’s an antique white color.

You can buy this at any home improvement store and some hardware stores as well.

Next, you’ll want to apply your first coat of epoxy resin on top of the concrete stain and let it dry for half an hour before applying another layer of epoxy resin over top of that layer again and let that dry for another hour or so before using steel wool pads to sand down all those layers so they look nice and smooth with no bumps or lumps left behind from either the stain or resin application.

You can use any kind of paintbrush for this process if you don’t want anything fancy but I recommend investing in some good brushes if you plan on doing more projects like this one because cheap brushes tend not last very long after repeated use which means buying new ones every few months which gets expensive fast!

How do you make epoxy countertops look like marble?

Epoxy countertops are an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom, but they can sometimes look more like plastic than stone.

If you want your epoxy to resemble marble, try using a marble patterned epoxy resin. This type of finish will give the appearance of natural stone while still being durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear in high-traffic areas.

If you’re looking for something more subtle or natural looking, there are also several options with less obvious patterns that offer a similar effect at a lower price point.

These include things like granite grain pigments and veins of color that mimic the look of polished stone without actually being made from real marble chips.

Is there a paint that looks like granite?

There is no paint that looks exactly like granite. The closest you can come is to use granite paint to make your countertops look like granite.

You can also use granite paint to make your countertops look like marble, slate, or other stone surfaces.

You may have heard of this product before and wondered if it’s worth trying out yourself at home.

What are fake granite countertops called?

If you’re looking for a more affordable option for granite countertops and aren’t interested in the DIY route, there are some options available.

While they won’t look exactly like real stone, they’ll still give you that same polished look without breaking the bank.

Here are some other names for fake granite:

  • Fake Marble Countertops
  • Fake Stone Countertops


There are a number of steps you can take to make epoxy look like granite. The first step is to choose the right kind of epoxy. Ordinary epoxy doesn’t work well as a countertop material because it’s too soft, but there are some epoxies that are designed for countertops and sinks.

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