How do you make epoxy feel like stone?

Once you know how to make the epoxy work, you will understand how to get a great texture and look. I am working with the resin right now and love it.

The feel of stone is amazing and the best part is that I can use this on my own projects.

How do you make epoxy resin look like stone?

How do you make epoxy resin look like stone?

To make epoxy, you will need:

  • Resin (epoxy)
  • Hardener (catalyst)
  • Colorant (pigment) – optional
  • A mold or container to pour into. The mold should be the same size as the object you want to cast. This can be made from wood, plaster of Paris, or any other material that will hold its shape when wet. If you are using an existing object such as a rock or piece of bark then all you need is something like a resealable plastic bag or some cling wrap for your container.

How do you make epoxy look like marble?

  • To make epoxy look like marble, you’ll need some epoxy resin and marble dust. Epoxy resin is sold in two different types: a slow cure epoxy that takes around 24 hours to fully cure and a 5-minute fast cure epoxy. The fast-curing variety is ideal for this project because it will allow you to apply multiple coats of the final product before curing it all at once.
  • Mix up your batch of resin according to the directions on the package or canister—this will vary depending on how much you’re making and whether you’re using an accelerator or not—and add about 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of dry marble powder per cup (250 ml) of mixed resin as directed by your packaging instructions, stirring until well combined and smooth with no lumps remaining. If using an accelerator, mix it into this base while still warm, then pour onto plastic wrap or wax paper so it won’t stick to anything surface-friendly instead; otherwise wait until it has cooled sufficiently before doing this step so as not to burn yourself when scraping away excess material after application time has passed.*
  • Apply generously over whatever surface needs covering first with a paintbrush or roller applicator; let dry thoroughly overnight before repeating another coat if necessary in order for best results here due mostly due to its tendency toward bubbles forming during its curing process if left uncovered too long (this mainly happens only under certain conditions). If applying more than one layer consecutively over each other rather than waiting between them completely

How do you make epoxy look like quartz?

  • Mix epoxy with quartz powder.
  • Mix epoxy with quartz powder, marble powder, and crushed stone.
  • Mix epoxy with quartz powder, marble powder, crushed stone, and crushed quartz.

How do you make resin look like concrete?

You can make resin look like concrete with a few easy steps. Resin is a synthetic resin, so it’s similar to concrete, but not the same thing. Concrete is a mixture of sand and cement (as well as other ingredients), which hardens when it dries.

Epoxy resin works by mixing two compounds together and letting them sit for 24 hours before using them.

Concrete is used for construction projects because it’s durable and strong: a floor made out of concrete will last longer than one made out of wood or carpeting. It’s also great as countertops because they’re easy to clean!

How do you make resin rocks?

You can make resin rocks by mixing resin and hardeners together. You’ll need a paintbrush to apply the resin and another to apply the hardener.

  • Start by applying a layer of resin with your brush, using your fingers to scrape off any excess at the top. Wipe down your rock as you go along so that there’s no sticky residue left behind on it.
  • Then wait for 24 hours or longer depending on how thick you want your final product to be. If you want something more durable, opt for an epoxy gel—it’ll cure harder than regular epoxy but still retain some flexibility so that it doesn’t feel like a stone when handled carefully (something we learned firsthand).

How do you make resin marble?

What you need:

  • marble dust
  • epoxy resin (the same color as your marble dust)
  • mixing containers, such as a plastic bowl or cup

What is epoxy marble stone?

Epoxy marble stone is a mixture of epoxy and marble dust. The marble dust is added to the epoxy to give it the look of marble.

Epoxy is a hard and durable resin, so you can use it for countertops, tile backsplashes, or even floors without worrying about wear and tear.

Good news: you don’t have to spend tons on actual granite or marble! If your budget won’t allow for those materials (or if they’re not right for your space), opt for an affordable alternative instead. Need some ideas? Read on!

Can u mix paint with epoxy?

No, you can’t mix paint with epoxy. You can, however, use acrylics to create a finish that looks like stone. If you want to use acrylics for the look of stone, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use thickened paint instead of regular-thickness or watercolor paints. Thicker paint will give your piece more texture and depth than thinner paints would.
  • Consider using a clear glaze medium with your acrylics because it will add sheen and reduce the appearance of brushstrokes while also filling in any holes that may have been left by imperfectly applied layers of colored paint


Let’s recap! Making epoxy resin look like stone, marble, and quartz is an easy and doable task. You can use a variety of different colorants, pigments, and dyes to achieve the desired effect, but be sure to choose ones that have been tested for compatibility with epoxy resin.

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