8 Genius DIY Storage Solutions for the Organized Owner

Clutter can be frustrating to live with. It can sometimes affect how much you enjoy your home and even cause overwhelming feelings of stress. While a spring clean might help solve the problem, it doesn’t get to the root cause: a lack of storage.

Not every home in past years was thoughtfully designed with storage solutions in mind. However, a lack of storage now doesn’t mean you can’t have all the space you need in the future. Solutions for the Organized Owner: Some of these DIY storage solutions might be the answer you’re looking for:

Add Overhead Cabinets

In an ideal world, a frustrating lack of storage would have you typing ‘custom home builders Sydney’ into a search engine and building your dream home with all the space you desire. However, not everyone is ready for such a significant financial commitment. In that case, installing overhead cabinets might be a more straightforward option for now.

Many home cooks can be frustrated by a lack of kitchen storage, especially for extra servingware and appliances that aren’t used regularly. By installing overhead cabinets above standard countertops, you might quickly solve that problem.

Install Toe-Kick Drawers

Most kitchen cabinets are raised off the ground, with toe-kick boards to cover the four tiny legs that keep your cabinets and counters upright and stable. There is a great deal of wasted space in these areas that you could put to good use with toe-kick drawers. These drawers can be the perfect places to store baking sheets, trays, and platters. You can also install them with push latches to make it easy to access the contents with one light foot tap.

Build Lofted Beds

Children can accumulate a considerable amount of toys, games, and knick-knacks throughout their childhoods. If they have small bedrooms and limited storage, this can be problematic. However, your children can enjoy more storage space and room to play if you build lofted beds.

Lofted beds are similar to bunk beds in that the top bed is raised off the ground. Instead of having a second bed underneath, they have storage, a desk, and a small play nook or study corner to enjoy.

Create an Over-the-Toilet Shelf

Many family bathrooms are small but serve multiple purposes. They’re where you use the toilet, shower, bathe, and store bathroom essentials like towels and hygiene products. Yet, they’re rarely big enough for all these things!

You might maximize your storage space by building a basic over-the-toilet shelf. This previously unusable space can be transformed into a cost-effective storage solution for toilet paper, cleaning products, hand towels, and more.

Buy Gap Trolleys

While gaps between counters and appliances in laundry rooms and kitchens can seem frustrating, they can be more helpful than you think. The more significant the gaps, the more suitable they might be for gap trolleys.

Gap trolleys are streamlined storage solutions on wheels designed to fit into small gaps with multiple tiers. You can use them for laundry goods, pantry items, and more. While you can buy gap trolleys, you can also make them yourself with a basic frame structure and wheels.

Install Hooks Everywhere

You might not have an arsenal of power tools and all that much DIY knowledge, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be organized. With basic tools, you can install hooks everywhere you require extra storage space.

Artistic Representation of Hooks for Organization

You might install hooks in a garage to keep your tools off the ground, organized, and within easy reach. You might also put some in entry areas and laundry rooms for outdoor wear and accessories like coats, jackets, scarves, and bags. Hooks can even be convenient for keys, hanging plant pots, kitchen utensils, and pots and pans.

Install Shelving Above Door Frames

The average American reads about 12 books per year. If you were to purchase a physical copy of every book you read, you may find yourself struggling to know where to put them all before long. Not every home has enough space for a large bookshelf, but every home has enough wall space above its doors. Now could be the time to put it to use.

Consider installing shelves around the same height as your door frames. While you can use these shelves for the orderly storage of your favorite titles, they can also be suitable for ornaments, knick-knacks, trophies, and house plants. Best of all, they take up no valuable floor space.

Create Under-Bed Storage

Every bed and bed frame is different. This can pose problems for people looking to purchase under-bed storage boxes. There are never any guarantees that the available space you have will be suitable for pre-made boxes, containers, and drawers.

Fortunately, with a tape measure, building materials, and a few power tools, you can have purpose-made boxes for all your seasonal garments and other bedroom items. Measure the height and depth of the available under-bed space and create one or multiple storage boxes to match. It won’t be long until you’ve cleared that frustrating bedroom clutter.

Solutions for the Organized Owner: A lack of storage space can be frustrating, but you might be surprised by how many options you have for creating more room without needing a larger home. Try some of these storage solutions above and start clearing your clutter one room at a time.

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