DIY makeover ideas to update your kitchen

DIY kitchen ideas don’t need to have total changes or mean that you will need to update your kitchen from scratch (but still if you want to do that, good luck). Instead, some easy DIY jobs will revamp the look of your kitchen and give it a little of a spruce up. These DIY alternatives are great options because they are easy to do and inexpensive. A full kitchen remodel can cost a lot and take months to finish, but DIY ideas will be ready instantly.

Keep reading if you want to discover some DIY kitchen ideas that are easy, cheap, and will transform the look of your kitchen in just a few hours.

Replace your kitchen doors

If you want a total kitchen transformation but don’t wish to start from scratch, consider replacing your kitchen doors. This option is obviously cheaper than buying new kitchen units, and you will greatly improve the look of your cooking space with new kitchen doors. You will find many replacement kitchen doors on the market, and you can also give them a more handmade look.

Paint your kitchen cupboards

Painting kitchen cupboards is among the most popular and satisfying DIY kitchen jobs. It is a quick process that can be done even by a DIY novice. The good news is that this DIY idea works great for any type of cooking space, even if you have shaker-inspired spaces or solid wood kitchens. Painting your kitchen units on your own will not only save you some money, but you can add a more personal touch and get creative with the look.

Invest in new kitchen hardware

If you want an easy-peasy DIY idea, you can replace your handles and knobs. You will be surprised to see how such small things can make a huge difference, and you will surely enhance the look of your cooking space this way. If you want a more modern look, you can choose simple T-bar handles, or if you are after a more traditional look, you can pick some cupped-style handles instead. New handles are cheaper than buying entire kitchen units, so pick some beautiful handles you love to improve your room’s look.

Tile a new splashback

If you want to change your splashback but think this project is beyond you, it will be good to think again. Although it sounds challenging, it is not such a hard job, and anyone can do it with the right motivation. A splashback is a great way to add texture and color to your space and enhance your kitchen look.

Change your flooring with paint

If you have floorboards in your kitchen, you can paint them for an improved and more cohesive look. This was a massive trend in the last few years and will continue in the following years as well. White is a popular choice for a modern and sleek look, but you can also choose black if you want to make a bold move.

Add curtains to your cupboards

If your kitchen cabinets are beyond saving, and paint can’t improve their look, then it might be better to try another DIY project. First, you need to take them off (use them as firewood or consider a recycling center to get rid of them) and replace them with beautiful curtains.

Update your worktops

If you get tired of your kitchen worktops, then try some DIY countertop ideas. For example, the most effective and easiest option is to cover them in contact paper. You will find plenty of lovely and realistic choices that can improve the look of your cooking space, so give them a try, and you might be surprised by the results.

Consider extra surface space with the help of freestanding pieces

Don’t have enough room to store all your items in the kitchen? Then, you might need to consider a DIY idea that will add extra surface space and make your kitchen look more cohesive. You can make the most of your kitchen by using freestanding pieces. Add wall shelves and a rail if you want this element to look like a permanent part of the room.

DIY a storage wall

This DIY idea is a great option to add more storage to a small kitchen. So, if you have an empty wall in your cooking space, you can turn it into a practical, but of course stylish, storage wall to place your utensils, mugs, and even products. Adding some herbs for a nice rustic look and a pop of color will also be good.

DIY Storage Wall Practical Yet Stylish

Organize your pantry with some food bins

Besides the look of your kitchen, you will also need to improve its functionality. One of the best ways to do this is to organize all your dry goods into easy-to-access and separate bins. If you use different containers for canned goods, snacks, pasta, and grains, you will keep better track of your inventory and find the things you need to prepare a dinner quickly.


If you trust your DIY abilities, you will see that these ideas will help you update your kitchen and create a space you adore on a budget. This works fantastic if you have something in your room that still looks good but you have become a little bored about how it looks. So, instead of replacing your kitchen cupboards, you can give them a new life by painting, refacing, adding trim, removing, or swapping doors for glass panes.

Of course, if you are a DIY novice, some tasks might seem more complex for you, but if you have the time to learn and the right motivation, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try some DIY ideas. Also, DIY transformation is the best as you will not spend a fortune but still change the look of your kitchen.

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