how to remove epoxy paint from cement floor?

Epoxy paint is an excellent choice if you want to ensure that your garage floor lasts a long time. However, epoxy paint is extremely difficult to remove from cement floors.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best ways for removing epoxy paint from cement floors, including what types of materials you should use and how much time each method takes.

How do you remove dried epoxy paint?

To remove epoxy paint from a cement floor, you’ll need to use the right tools. These include:

  • A solvent like paint thinner or mineral spirits.
  • Wire brushes and scrapers for removing dried epoxy paint from bricks.
  • Heat guns or steam cleaners for loosening up stuck epoxy paint on bricks.
  • Chemical strippers (like muriatic acid) used with power washers and sand blasters to dissolve hardened epoxy glue holding tiles in place on a cement slab building’s surface—and/or remove them entirely by heating them with hot water jets generated by these machines’ high-pressurized water pumps before using them on other surfaces nearby where this could cause damage if left unchecked.

How do you remove dried epoxy from floor?

Remove the epoxy with a scraper. This can be done by hand or with a power tool.

Use heat to soften the epoxy before removing it. You can apply heat from an electric heat gun or use boiling water in a large plastic container, such as an empty laundry detergent bucket, to create steam. The steam will soften the epoxy so that you can scrape it off more easily.

Use paint stripper to remove the dried layers of old paint from cement floors and concrete slabs that have been coated with an acrylic sealer or coating material such as polyurethane floor finishes (liquid urethanes) or two-part polyurethane coatings (two-part epoxies).

Paint strippers usually work by dissolving organic materials like wood and fabric; they do not work on most forms of rock such as quartzite, granite and marble because these stones contain little organic matter that makes up their structure but instead consist mostly of minerals such as calcium carbonate (limestone) which is resistant enough not only against acids but also against solvents used in many chemical cleaners used today including acetone gasoline.

How hard is it to remove epoxy flooring?

Removing epoxy flooring is a job that requires some patience and planning. If you are not prepared to put in the time, it’s best to leave this task to professionals who specialize in removing epoxy floors.

Epoxy paints have become very popular for interior use due to their durability, ease of application, and ability to resist scratches and stains.

However, once applied over concrete surfaces like patios or garages, they can prove difficult for homeowners who want to remove them after deciding that the color does not suit their tastes anymore.

The problem with removing an epoxy paint coating from concrete surfaces is that it cannot be simply scraped off using a scraper or chisel as with other types of coatings such as latex paints or varnishes because the latter two types will simply peel away while the former one stays intact even after being subjected repeatedly into harsh scraping actions by various tools such as steel wool pads until there’s nothing left but dust particles which require vacuuming afterward so as not contaminate living space nearby where pets may walk on contaminated areas later on downtime when we’re gone back home after working hours every day/night shift!

Will vinegar remove epoxy paint?

You can use vinegar to remove epoxy paint from concrete. Vinegar is a mild acid, which makes it a good solvent for removing epoxy paint.

It won’t damage the concrete underneath, and it’s also safe to use around plants or pets. You’ll need to pour the vinegar on your floor and let it sit for several minutes before you scrub with a stiff-bristled brush or sponge.

If you’d rather not wait for the vinegar to do its job, consider using something stronger like muriatic acid instead of vinegar.

Muriatic acid is available at hardware stores as an industrial strength cleaner that will dissolve any type of paint from any surface including concrete floors.

How do you remove cured epoxy from concrete?

If the epoxy has cured and dried, you’ll need to use a chemical stripper to remove it. The most common chemicals for this job are acetone (nail polish remover), methylene chloride and trichloroethylene.

These work by dissolving the epoxy. Once dissolved, you can scrape it off with an old paint scraper or another tool like a putty knife or trowel.

Be sure to wear protective gloves when using any of these chemicals because they can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions if they come in contact with your skin!

Will paint thinner remove epoxy?

Paint thinner, or turpentine as it’s sometimes called, is a solvent that can remove the paint but not epoxy. It may also damage the cement floor.

What removes epoxy paint?

Use a paint stripper. Paint strippers are chemicals that act on the surface of the epoxy paint and break it down, allowing you to scrape it off.

There are many different kinds of chemical strippers available, including some products that can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Use a chemical remover. Chemical removers are similar to paint strippers, but they’re designed specifically for removing epoxy or urethane coatings from surfaces such as concrete floors (rather than just stripping off old paint).

These products contain harsh chemicals that attack the surface of the flooring material underneath any top coatings you may have applied over top of them (such as epoxy or urethane finishes) in order to remove them easily and efficiently without damaging your underlying floor.

Can epoxy be removed?

Epoxy paint can be removed, but it’s not easy. Removing epoxy paint from cement floors is a job best left to professionals.

There are several ways to remove epoxy, depending on how much time you have and how much money you’re willing to spend:

  • Use a razor blade
  • Use a chemical stripper
  • Use a heat gun


Removing epoxy paint from cement floors is a task that you can do yourself. You can use the right tools and follow the right steps to make sure your cement floor looks clean and beautiful again.

The first step involves scraping off as much of the epoxy paint as possible. Then, use sandpaper or steel wool to remove any remaining residue before applying the stripper solution.

After applying this solution, wait for around five minutes before rinsing it off with water and cleaning again with soap and water so no more residue remains on your cement floor.

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