how to remove epoxy garage floor paint?

I’ve never been a fan of epoxy paint on garage floors. It looks great, but it’s hard to remove in the event you want a different type of flooring later.

Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of epoxy paint from your garage floor and we’ll cover them all here!

Can you remove epoxy from garage floor?

Yes, you can remove epoxy from concrete. It’s easier to remove oil-based paint but harder to remove epoxy. You can use a heat gun or paint remover to remove it.

Also, you can use a scraper if you don’t have access to any other tools.

What dissolves epoxy paint?

If you’re just starting to think about removing epoxy paint, you might be wondering what dissolves epoxy paint.

The good news is that there are quite a few solvents that will dissolve polyurethane and other types of resin-based coatings. Some of the most common solvents include:

  • Hot water
  • Oxalic acid (found in wood bleach)
  • Hydrochloric acid (found in plumbing supply stores)
  • Sulfuric acid (used as an etchant for copper jewelry)
  • Acetone, acetic acid, and other organic acids with low boiling points

How do I remove old garage floor paint?

One of the best ways to remove paint from your garage floor is with a heat gun. Heat guns are designed to dry out wet surfaces and condense water, but they can also be used to soften and liquefy old paints that have dried out.

They’re great for tackling tough jobs like removing old epoxy flooring or stripping down an entire room’s worth of walls in preparation for repainting.

When using a heat gun, make sure you’re wearing long sleeves and pants tucked into your socks so as not to burn yourself on hot metal surfaces or any exposed wires hanging around in the area that may get too hot from prolonged exposure (especially important if you have pets!).

You’ll also want eye protection such as goggles or glasses with side shields so that nothing gets into your eyes while working around open flames!

If you decide against using a heat gun because they don’t work well enough on their own (or maybe just because they’re expensive).

How do you remove uncured epoxy from garage floor?

There are a number of ways to remove uncured epoxy. The easiest and quickest method is to use a pressure washer, which will remove the paint in seconds.

If you don’t have a pressure washer, use a solvent like lacquer thinner or mineral spirits to dissolve and then wipe away the paint. You can also use heat from a heat gun or scraper and/or chemical stripper if you prefer not to use harsh chemicals around your car or house.

What is the best way to remove epoxy paint from concrete?

In order to remove epoxy paint from concrete, you will have to use a tool that is capable of chipping away at the hardened epoxy. A few options include:

  • Hammer and chisel
  • Cold chisel
  • Pneumatic chisel
  • Hammer and cold chisel (this method is not recommended because it’s harder to control)
  • Sandblaster (this will take a lot more time than other methods)
  • Grinder

Is epoxy flooring easy to remove?

Epoxy flooring is not as easy to remove as linoleum, but it can be done. A razor blade can be used on smaller areas of epoxy flooring, and a scraper works well for larger areas.

If you don’t want to use tools, then you can use heat with a heat gun or blow dryer in order to loosen the paint so that it will come up with a putty knife or scraper.

If all else fails, contact an expert who knows how to remove epoxy garage floor paint without damaging the concrete underneath!

Does vinegar dissolve epoxy?

Yes, vinegar can dissolve epoxy. As long as the solution is diluted. If it’s not diluted, it will eat through the paint and flooring in no time flat.

There are several ways to do this:

  • You can mix together a cup of vinegar with a cup of water or one part vinegar with one part water. Then you just need to get some on your epoxy garage flooring (either by spraying it or pouring it over) and let it sit overnight. Wipe up the excess solution before applying a new coat of paint or sealer so that there isn’t any left behind when you do this next step!

Can you soften hardened epoxy?

If you have epoxy garage floor paint, don’t soak it in hot water. Don’t use chemical strippers. Don’t pressure wash it, or heat it with a heat gun, or scrape at it with a scraper or hammer, or use a paint stripper on it.

You want to avoid using these methods because the heat from these processes can damage the concrete underneath and cause further problems for homeowners who are trying to remove epoxy garage flooring.


In the end, you’re going to have to let your concrete dry and then scrape it off. We recommend that you hire a professional to do this job for you so that they can get all of the old remaining epoxy off as well as clean up afterward.

If you don’t want to spend money on hiring someone, then we would recommend using a pressure washer or sander with a thick pad attached at low pressure so that it won’t damage any surrounding areas whilst doing its job efficiently enough without damaging them either (such as walls).

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