9 DIY Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal

Whether or not you’re planning to sell your home anytime soon, investing in curb appeal will always give out the best returns. Not only does it help your home attract buyers, but a great exterior can also justify a higher resale price once your property hits the market.

Before that, you will need to make sure you have enough cash on hand to finance an extensive exterior renovation. Enhancing your home’s curb appeal is hardly cheap. You may have to spend thousands of dollars even for a simple makeover.

The good news is that you can bring the costs down by doing the job yourself. It’s only a matter of knowing how. For that, here are a few DIY tips that are guaranteed to make your home look like it’s a cut above the rest.

  1. Freshen up the paint job

Nothing says brand new like a new coat of paint. If you’ve owned your home for more than five years now, you might notice chipping and fading in certain portions. The color may not be as vibrant as before owing to a mixture of heat, rain, and snow. Opt to replace the worn-down paint job. A neutral color like beige or eggshell white is a good choice, but you can also spice up the exterior with greens and blues in pastel hues. Just be sure that the color combinations won’t clash with each other.

  1. Plant a flower box

Call it traditional, but a flower garden in front of your house is a great way to beautify the landscaping. It also functions as a passive stress reliever as well as a natural way to cool the surroundings. It’s time-consuming and hectic to some without a green thumb, but maintaining a flower garden won’t cost you a fortune if you’re planning to upgrade your curb appeal. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, replant a tree or two right in front of your yard to give the exterior an additional shade during hot weather.

  1. Build a picket fence

A good old-fashioned picket fence has always been associated with the American Dream, noting how this feature is a symbol of prosperity and security. You might not see many of these today, but picket fences remain an easy way to give any home a traditional charm. It’s also easy to do, so long as you have scraps of wood lying around. You just have to smoothen out and shape the boards before applying varnish.

  1. Replace the front door

Screen doors may not have the same visual appeal as metal-framed ones. If you’re opting for a more traditional design for the entrance, go for a hardwood door. You can buy a secondhand one from any antique shop, but if you’re on a budget, you can look for dilapidated entrance doors that require a bit of patching up. It’s an easy fix that requires sanding and adding wood filler into the hollowed portions before varnishing and repainting the surface. You may also cover the surface with epoxy for a glossy and authentic finish.

  1. Go for a patio upgrade

Has your patio lost its charm? You can easily turn it around with an easy renovation. Aside from replacing the wooden floor boards, you can add an enclosure to create an intimate outdoor space that would look gorgeous with string lights at night. If you have some time and money to spare, you can add a fire pit to the arrangement, along with planters if you want to surround the space with flowers, bonsai plants, and grass. Instead of buying furniture, you can simply make your chairs and coffee tables to complete the design. Just be sure to use the best wood for outdoor furniture that can withstand moisture, heat, and cold.

  1. Get your light on

Your home should look just as good at night as it does in the day. Consider upgrading your lights to create the mood you want. If you’re looking to highlight the interior, consider installing warm lanterns. You can line them up along the driveway or space them in your front garden. These lanterns are available in just about any hardware store, but if you prefer ones that require less cabling, go for lanterns with solar panels.

  1. Add some rocks to the landscaping

This might sound unorthodox, but with the right size and placement of rocks, you can create a sophisticated effect. Consider placing large rocks near the exterior walls, and surround these rocks with flower pots or cacti. For a more rustic look, consider placing flat stones on the walkway or driveway. If you’re opting for a more Eastern-inspired aesthetic for the exterior, then a Japanese-style rock garden should do.

  1. Fix up the roofing

In addition to protecting you and your family from the elements, a good roof can also be a major draw for some buyers. Dilapidated shingles are a massive turn-off, so consider replacing them or remodeling the entire roofing system entirely. It’s anything but an easy job, but it’s possible to do it yourself in case you want to get your hands dirty. If you don’t have the time and money to do so, go for a simple shingle repair to freshen up the exterior. Just be sure to paint the roofing with a color that suits the palette or motif you’re opting for.

  1. Repaint and freshen up your garage

Since your garage is part of the exterior, it goes without saying that plays a big factor in enhancing curb appeal. Consider a simple repaint to fix fading and water damage. For areas covered by vegetation, scrub down possible areas where mildew may dwell. For the driveway, use a pressure hose to remove grime and other impurities from the concrete or asphalt. This should be enough to make your garage look new without paying thousands of dollars for a total overhaul.

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You can do much more to boost your home’s curb appeal without paying a high price. All you need is some time and a few DIY ideas that are worth trying. The list above should help you get the ball rolling.

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