Can you use super glue on epoxy resin?

Resins are a great adhesive to use for those getting into crafting or artful projects. You can get the most out of any project if you know the right materials and tools to use.

One question that can be confusing is whether you can use super glue on epoxy resin.

There are many different types of resins and adhesives that you should familiarize yourself with before starting a project.

Super glue is not the same as epoxy resin, so it’s important to find out how they each work and when it’s best to use one over the other.

Can you use super glue on epoxy resin?

Can you use super glue on epoxy resin


Yes, you can use super glue on epoxy resin. However, it depends on the type of epoxy resin you are using.

Typically, super glue is not for use on wet surfaces. This can cause the glue to not bond properly or have a weaker hold than expected.

Super glue and epoxy resin are made with cyanoacrylate; so, if your epoxy resin is made with this chemical as well, then super glue can be used as an adhesive for your project.

Does superglue work on resin?

While there are several kinds of adhesive known as super glue, they all have some key similarities. Super glues are great for sticking plastic, wood, and metal together.

They usually work in seconds and don’t need any mixing. Super glue can be toxic, so using it safely is really important.

Epoxy resin is different from super glue. It’s a strong adhesive that works best on glass, ceramics, and stone.

Does superglue work on resin


It also takes longer to set – usually between two and three hours – so you need to be patient! You might also find that epoxy resin is not quite as strong as super glue… but don’t worry! This can be useful if you want to remove whatever you stick together again at some point in the future.

Will superglue stick to epoxy?

Sorry to say, but superglue will not adhere to epoxy resin. In fact, it is a good idea to avoid using any solvents or adhesives anywhere near your resin project—the chemicals in these liquids will counteract the curing process of your resin.

But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. There are many other types of glue and adhesives on the market these days, and some of them can be used with epoxy resin.

One kind of glue that works well with epoxy resin is two-part epoxy glue. These glues have a similar chemical composition as your art resin, so they will not only stick together but also cure together with the same clear finish as your cured art resin!

Can you use Gorilla glue on epoxy resin?

Can you use Gorilla glue on epoxy resin?

Don’t mix Gorilla Glue with epoxy resin. If you want to glue something else to your epoxy resin, you should use a cyanoacrylate adhesive.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are super strong and fast-drying. They are available in liquid or gel form and they solidify when they come into contact with the air.

A popular brand of cyanoacrylate glue is Super Glue (also known as Krazy Glue).

If you want to avoid using chemicals, you can also choose a natural alternative: PVA glue is an environmentally friendly option that also has many other uses around the house!

What super glue is best for resin?

You can use super glue to bond wood, plastic, glass, and ceramic together. There are several varieties of super glue that you can buy. Some of the common ones include:

How do you glue epoxy resin?

How do you glue epoxy resin?

The best glue to use on epoxy resin is super glue. The gluing process is easy. First, clean the area you are going to glue with a damp cloth and let it dry.

Then apply a thin layer of super glue to one surface and wait for 5-10 seconds. Press the two pieces together, hold them in place for 5 minutes, and then leave them alone for 24 hours so that the super glue can cure completely.

If you don’t have any super glue lying around, you can try other adhesives like Gorilla Glue or E6000 polymer adhesive instead.

These two types of glues do not cure as quickly as superglue, but they work just as well when used on epoxy resin.

Can you glue epoxy to epoxy?

You can glue epoxy to epoxy, but it’s best to use a solvent-based adhesive like polyurethane. Epoxy to epoxy bonds are strong, and they’ll be stronger than the epoxy itself.

Polyurethanes are also great because they’re less expensive than most glues, and you can get them in small tubes that are easy to work with and easy to store (massively helpful if you’re working on a small project).

Does epoxy bond to glue?

Does epoxy bond to glue?

If you are looking to bond epoxy resin with super glue, you’re not alone. Lots of people have used superglue with epoxy resin in the past.

We know that epoxy resin is a strong adhesive, but we also know that it dries out fairly quickly. So, if you combine it with superglue, it can actually have a longer life span and become even stronger than before.

Epoxy will bond most things together; wood, metal, stone, and plastic are just a few of the many materials that this powerful adhesive can be used on.

It’s also worth noting that epoxy will bond itself to itself for long-lasting strength and protection against heat or cold. However, there are some substances that epoxy does not bond well with, such as Teflon or silicone.


Now that you know the answer to the question “can you use super glue on epoxy resin,” you can move forward with your next project.

Whether you are making art or building a boat, using the right adhesive is essential to ensure your project lasts. If you have any more questions about epoxy resin and super glue, our helpful staff will be happy to help.

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