can I epoxy over printable vinyl?

I’m a crafty person, and I love finding new ways to use my materials. That’s why I was really excited to learn about printable vinyl.

However, now that I’ve used it for a project or two, I’ve discovered that there are some things you should know about using this material before diving in. So here are a few tips for using printable vinyl!

Can you epoxy Cricut printable vinyl?

Yes, you can epoxy over printable vinyl. Epoxies like the following can be used to do this:

  • 3M High-Performance Adhesive Transfer Tape works well on printable vinyl; it’s available in clear or black and comes off with ease.
  • Sashay Fabri-tac Clear Glue (for use with fabric) is another great option for adhering your printable vinyl to an object. It’s flexible and water-resistant once dry.
  • Two-part resin glue works well as a sealant on craft projects made from printable vinyl (or any other material). You’ll have to mix the resin together before using it, but once it dries it will keep any moisture from getting through your project’s layers.

How do you seal printable vinyl?

You can seal printable vinyl with a clear gloss, matte or satin varnish. The best sealant is one that is long-wearing and provides good UV protection.

If you want to protect your printable vinyl, apply the polyurethane according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once applied, allow it enough time to cure before handling or cutting the pieces apart from each other.

You’ll want to clean your printable vinyl before applying the polyurethane so any oils from printing won’t be trapped under your protective coat of finish.

Cleaning can be done with glass cleaner or soap and water followed by drying with a soft cloth or paper towels if necessary.

If removing an error on your project requires cutting away portions of printed material then use a sharp razor blade knife at all times when working with heat transfer sheets & stickers!

Can you put epoxy over vinyl decals?

You can use epoxy to seal your vinyl decals.

Epoxy is a great option because it’s more durable than other types of sealants and will help protect the stickers from damage.

You should be able to find epoxy at your local hardware store or craft store. Be sure the epoxy you buy is clear so that it won’t interfere with the design of your stickers!

Can you make printable vinyl waterproof?

  • Printable vinyl is not waterproof by default. If you want it to be waterproof, you’ll need to seal it.
  • There are a few different ways to do this:
  • You can use a brush on the sealer. This method works best with large objects and will give the evenest coverage. But if you have smaller pieces that need protection, this might not be the right choice for you.
  • You can use a spray sealer instead of or in addition to brushing on your vinyl with solvent-based products like Alclad Aqua Gloss Dura Seal or Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray Gloss Enamel Spray Sealer; both come in clear and amber colors which means they’re easy to match up with existing paint schemes so long as they’re either white or yellow/orange (like yellow safety vests). If your object has intricate details that would get lost when covered in liquid plastic then perhaps consider using one of these sprays instead of brushes since their dabs won’t fill in small spaces like foam applicators sometimes do–and always remember that “dabbing” means spraying from about 6 inches away from whatever surface needs coating!
  • Another option would be using an aerosol spray adhesive such as Scotch Super 77 Multi-Purpose Adhesive Aerosol Spray which comes out as tiny droplets rather than broad swaths; this product will adhere well but leaves behind no residue so only works well if there’s something holding down everything properly until drying occurs!

Can you put printable vinyl on tumblers?

Yes! You can use printable vinyl on tumblers. You can also use printable vinyl on tumblers to make mugs (or other items, such as cups).

Many people want to know if they can laminate their own photo prints onto tumblers, but it’s not recommended. The lamination process will destroy the printing on your mug, so it’s a bad idea for anyone who wants their mug decoration to last.

How do you seal a printable HTV?

There are a few different ways to seal printable HTV. You can spray it with a clear coat, brush it on with a sealer, and then apply heat, or you can use both methods in conjunction with each other.

The most important thing to remember is that when using any of these products you want to make sure the surface is clean before applying them.

How do I keep my printable vinyl from fading?

  • Use a matte finish. Matte finishes are generally more durable than gloss and semi-gloss finishes and will resist fading better.
  • Use a clear coat. A good clear coat can also help prevent fading and create a protective barrier between the printable vinyl and the elements that may cause it to fade over time, such as UV rays or heat sources like sun lamps or hair dryers (though you should never use these on your printable vinyl).
  • Spray protectant is another option if you don’t want to apply additional coats of sealant on top of your printable vinyl design; just spray it on top! It’ll help keep things looking fresh longer by keeping dirt and grime off your walls during installation while also protecting against moisture damage in areas where there are frequent high humidity levels (like bathrooms).
  • Laminate sheets can be used after applying the adhesive layer onto a surface before applying an image from our library using transfer tape; this step helps prevent color changes caused by oil stains left behind after installation because laminate acts as an extra shield against any unwanted contaminants getting through those layers down below–plus it does double duty by shielding against scratches too!

Can you put Modge podge over printable vinyl?

Yes, you can use Mod Podge over printable vinyl. It’s even better if you use a clear coat or matte sealer as well.

If your goal is to have just the paper come off and nothing else, follow these instructions:

  • Sand the surface of your printable vinyl with very fine sandpaper (400 grit). For best results, do not use an electric sander as it will heat up your printable plastic surface which could cause it to warp while drying. After sanding, wipe away all dust particles using a tack cloth or lint roller before proceeding with this step!
  • Apply Mod Podge down onto your printable plastic sheet with a brush or sponge applicator until there is about 1/4″ of epoxy on top when viewed from above. A paintbrush works great for this step but we used a foam craft paint brush from Michaels because their selection was limited in our area at that time…it worked just fine though!


If you’re looking for something to seal your printable vinyl and make it last, we recommend Modge Podge. It’s easy to use and gives great results!

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