What kind of stickers can go in resin?

Stickers are a great way to add character, style, and meaning to your resin projects. But many people wonder how stickers work with resin. Fortunately, there are several options for adding stickers to your resin projects!

Can you use stickers in resin?

You bet you can! Stickers are a great way to add personalization to any project. They’re also a lot of fun, and they make your resin projects look like they came straight from the toy store—even if you’re making them out of scrap parts that aren’t even remotely toy-like.

If you want to learn more about different types of stickers, check out our guide: What Kind Of Stickers Can Go In Resin?

Can you put paper stickers in resin?

Yes! Paper stickers are a great option for your custom phone case. The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to make sure that they will be durable enough to withstand the pressure of the resin coming out of the machine.

If you are worried about this, I would recommend testing out a few different paper types before committing to one. It’s easy enough to do and could save you some heartache later down the road!

Can you put resin over vinyl stickers?

You can definitely use vinyl stickers in resin, but it’s not an easy process. Vinyl stickers have a plastic film on the back that can be difficult to remove without leaving residue behind.

The easiest way to get them out of your container is by using a razor blade or craft knife, but if you don’t want to damage your sticker, try using some Goo Gone or another product designed specifically for removing sticky substances from glass surfaces.

After you’ve removed the sticker and cleaned off any residue with acetone-based nail polish remover (another option), put it in the resin with everything else and let it dry overnight!

Can you use nail art stickers in resin?

Yes, you can use nail art stickers in resin. You can also add nail art stickers to resin.

Nail art stickers can be used in resin. Nail art stickers can be used with resin.

Can you put puffy stickers in resin?

If you’re planning to use puffy stickers, you’ll need to keep in mind that they are not watertight. A puffy sticker will leave air bubbles when adhered to a surface, which could make it look as though your resin is bubbling up from underneath. If you want to use puffy stickers for any of the following purposes, consider using a flat sticker instead:

  • Creating a stencil for cutting out shapes in your resin
  • Creating a background shape (for example, putting an image on top of blue clouds)
  • Creating a mask for painting details onto your final piece (such as adding eyes or lips)
  • Creating borders around each side of your piece

How do you waterproof stickers?

There are several ways to waterproof stickers. The first and most obvious method is to apply a waterproof varnish or sealant, but this method is not ideal because it does not allow for some of the more interesting effects that can be achieved with other types of water-based paints and inks.

For example, if you want to use a watercolor paint pen (which works like any other pen), but you also want it to be waterproof, then this method will not work.

The second option is using spray paint instead of just regular non-waterproof pens or markers. This can give your sticker designs an interesting effect when used together with other kinds of paint or inks!

However, since these sprays are designed for exterior use rather than indoor decorating projects like stickers on walls inside homes (or even inside office buildings), they may have unwanted side effects such as yellowing over time due to sun exposure; so keep that mind before choosing which one works best for each individual situation at hand!

Can you put photo paper in resin?

Photo paper and stickers are both made for indoor use, but photo paper is thicker and not waterproof. It’s also not as flexible or sticky as vinyl stickers, which means that you can’t put it on curved surfaces.

Plus, since photo paper is more difficult to handle than vinyl stickers, they’re harder to apply and less durable if you accidentally bump into them with your shoe or something else sharp.

How do you add decals to resin?

There are several ways you can use decals in resin, depending on what kind of finish you want to achieve.

If you add the decal to a base coat with a clear top coat, it will have a matte finish. You should also apply this method if you want your stickers or decals to be transparent, but not so much that they blend with the background color.

If you add the decal to a base coat with a glossy clear top coat, it will have an opaque shiny finish. This method is best for small images like logos and icons because they work well with glossier finishes—but we recommend using this technique only if the image is small enough that it won’t cover up any of the front sides of your object!

This process works best on plastic objects such as toys or phone cases rather than glass or ceramic figurines since those materials need more protection against UV rays from direct sunlight exposure than plastic does;

otherwise, there would be no difference between using sticker paper and vinyl transfer paper when both types get baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes after being applied directly onto some surfaces (iTunes Store).


As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to use stickers in resin. The best part is that these techniques aren’t just limited to stickers! There are other items you can use as well, like coffee grounds or glitter for example.

You could even try adding some nail polish on top of your design if it doesn’t look like enough sparkle already!

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