how to remove epoxy garage floor coating?

The best way to remove epoxy from a garage floor is to dig it up. You can use a rented jackhammer or hire some professionals to do it for you.

But there are also other ways you might be able to remove the epoxy yourself, like sanding or dissolving it with chemicals.

How hard is it to remove epoxy from garage floor?

Epoxy is a tough, durable coating. It’s also a good choice for garage floors because it provides excellent protection from moisture, chemicals, and other materials that might be spilled or tracked onto the floor.

If you have an epoxy garage floor coating and are wondering how hard it is to remove the coating once you’re ready to redo your garage, we have some answers: not very hard at all!

Is it hard to remove an epoxy floor?

Epoxy flooring can be removed, but it’s not as simple as stripping the paint off your car. The epoxy coating on a garage floor is made up of several different layers that must be broken down in order to remove it.

Each layer has its own characteristics and removal process, so you’ll need to know which one you’re dealing with before attempting to remove your epoxy garage floor coating.

Below we’ve listed some questions that will help determine whether or not removing an epoxy garage floor is right for your situation:

Can you sand epoxy off concrete?

To remove epoxy from concrete, you’ll need to chip away at it. The best tools for this job are an angle grinder, power sander, and paint scraper.

You can also use a hammer and chisel to knock off pieces of the epoxy, but it’s going to take a lot longer and be more difficult than using one of these other methods.

Using heat (from a torch or heat gun) is another option if you don’t have access to any other tools—the heat will melt the epoxy down so that it comes off in large chunks instead of just small fragments.

What is the easiest way to remove epoxy?

When it comes to removing epoxy, the best method is dependent on what type of floor you have. For example, if your garage floor is painted concrete, then the easiest way to remove the epoxy will be with a scraper—it’s a simple process that should only take about an hour or two.

If your garage floor is stained concrete, then you may want to consider using a heat gun on top of your sander for optimal results.

Can epoxy be removed?

Yes, epoxy can be removed. However, it is a long and tedious process that requires patience and dedication to complete.

There are three primary ways to remove the coating: chemical stripper, grinding and sanding, or scraping.

Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages associated with them. It’s important to note that not all of them will be effective for every surface or situation so you need to choose wisely when deciding which method will work best for your circumstances.

What removes epoxy paint?

There are a few options for removing epoxy paint from concrete or garage floors. The first is to use alcohol, which will dissolve and soften the epoxy coating.

You’ll have to use quite a lot of alcohol, though, because it can take a while for it to penetrate into the coating and soften up enough for you to peel off.

Another option is turpentine—this works similarly with alcohol but may be easier on your hands if you’re more prone to irritation from working with solvents.

How do you dissolve cured epoxy?

The best way to remove epoxy is with a solvent that dissolves the epoxy. This method works because the solvent bonds with the epoxy, breaking down its molecular structure and causing it to dissolve into your chosen solvent.

The only problem is you may have difficulty finding a chemical that both dissolves your garage floor coating and doesn’t harm whatever material you have underneath it (e.g., concrete).

There are several solvents that will remove cured epoxies from concrete floors:

  • Acetone
  • Mineral spirits (aka paint thinner)
  • Naphtha

How do I remove rustoleum garage floor epoxy?

To remove epoxy garage floor coating, you’ll need to scrape it up. If you’re using a scraper, make sure to use a plastic one so as not to scratch the floor.

You may also want to wear safety glasses in case any epoxy gets on your face or eyes.

If scraping doesn’t work, try using a chemical stripper or heat gun instead. Chemical strippers can be used after heating the area with high-powered heat lamps or hair dryers (make sure not to get too close).

When all else fails, consider renting power tools like concrete grinders and saws that have been specifically designed for removing thick layers of concrete floors.


To conclude, we have seen that it is possible to remove epoxy from your garage floor. However, you will require some patience, time and effort in order to get rid of the old coating completely without damaging your concrete.

The best method is by using an electric sander or a rotary tool with a diamond pad attachment which will help in removing all remnants of the paint.

It is important not to use harsh chemicals like acetone as they may damage your concrete if used incorrectly so always read instructions carefully before starting any project like this one!

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