how to clear coat epoxy floor?

If you’re looking to finish off your epoxy floor, consider clear coating it. But before you get started, you need to know how and when to apply the top coat. Here are some tips for applying a clear coat over an epoxy floor:

Can you clear coat over epoxy floor?

You can clear coat over epoxy flooring, but it depends on the type of epoxy you’re using. Some types are sandable and others aren’t.

If you decide to clear coat your epoxy flooring, you’ll need to use a different kind of epoxy for the top-coat layer (because that’s what makes your floor waterproof).

How do you apply top coat to epoxy floor?

Now that you’ve applied the epoxy, it’s time to apply two coats of clear coat. First, apply a thin layer of epoxy over the entire floor and let dry for about 30 minutes.

Then apply another coat and let dry for about 2 hours before applying your second coat of clear coat.

Let that dry overnight before removing all masking tape from around the perimeter of the room, then wipe down with a tack cloth to remove any dust or debris left on your newly installed epoxy flooring so that is ready for use.

How do you epoxy clear coat?

A clear coat is a layer of polyurethane that’s applied to the top of an epoxy floor. It creates a protective barrier that allows the epoxy to last longer and gives it a more glossy finish.

You can apply a clear coat as soon as your floor is dry, but it won’t be fully cured for at least 24 hours—so if you’re in a hurry, wait until then to apply it.

If possible, try to leave your floor for 72 hours before applying a clear coat so that all of the solvents have evaporated and there aren’t any bubbles left behind when you put them on your finish.

To apply this final layer, use an 80-grit sanding pad attached to a rotary drill (or power sander) with 150 grit paper on top of that; this will help remove any excess material from earlier steps in the process and leave behind only smooth epoxy floors ready for their new coating!

Can I clear over epoxy?

Yes, you can clear coat over epoxy. You can also clear coat over polyurethane. But before you do so, it’s important to know what kind of finish you’re working with.

If it says “polyurethane” on the label or packaging, then it’s safe to assume that the surface is indeed polyurethane and not epoxy—and this means that clear coating will work just fine!

If your flooring is labeled as being made from “polyurethane with polyurethane,” however…

How long after epoxy can I clear coat?

You can apply a clear coat to epoxy within 24 hours of its curing. You’ll want to check the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific product and make sure that you don’t exceed the recommended amount of time between coats.

The thickness of the clear coat will impact how long you have before it becomes tacky and no longer usable; for example, if you apply a thin layer of polyurethane over your epoxy floor, it will dry faster than if you applied an extra thick layer.

Some factors that affect this drying time include:

  • Ambient temperature (the warmer the ambient temperature is in your work area, the faster your coating is going to cure)
  • Humidity (a high level of humidity in your work area slows down the curing process)

How do you apply clear coat to floors?

  • Prepare the floor. It’s important to have a clean, smooth foundation before applying your clear coat so you don’t end up with bubbles or smudges. If necessary, use a mild abrasive like light sandpaper to roughen up the surface and give it more tooth.
  • Mix your epoxy clear coat. The exact ratio will vary depending on what type of clear coat you buy, but generally speaking, less is more when it comes to mixing epoxies and polyurethanes (the two most common types of clear coat). The idea is that you want a thin layer of liquid over your floor instead of something that looks like honey or syrup—that way there’s less chance for bubbles or streaks when you apply it later.* Apply the epoxy coating evenly across the floor using a paintbrush or roller.* Clean up any excess material with disposable rags and discard them safely following manufacturer instructions.* Let dry according to manufacturer instructions.* Wipe down entire floor again with clean water-dampened cloths wrung out well between applications; continue until surface no longer feels sticky or tacky.* Finish off by buffing in short strokes until a shine appears

How do you apply clear coat?

There are several ways to apply a clear coat. In this section, we’ll cover how to apply a clear coat to floors, epoxy, concrete, and wood.

Application of the final topcoat is similar in most respects to application of base coats. The following are important points:

  • Apply a wet edge finish (see below).
  • Apply enough material so that it flows into every crevice without puddling up at any point along its path across the surface of the flooring unit or slab; therefore, avoid applying too thickly at any one spot on the flooring unit or slab. If too much material accumulates in one place during application, it will be very difficult for subsequent coats to flow into this area by capillary action because there won’t be sufficient time for water vapor from evaporation within this region before evaporation takes place elsewhere in the surface being coated; therefore, your job will have been made more difficult than necessary because potentially good adhesion cannot occur between successive coats if they are not allowed adequate time for solvent mixing prior to curing of each layer over another layer which contains fewer solvents than underlying layers would contain after their application has been completed without overlapping onto previously applied areas where curing has yet occurred! Good luck with that! 🙂

How do you clear coat a floor?

  • Use a brush or roller. The best way to apply epoxy is with either a paintbrush or roller. You can also use spray equipment like an HVLP (high volume, low pressure) sprayer or airless pump, but this is not recommended for first-time users because it tends to be messy and requires more cleanup than brushing on the epoxy.
  • Choose high quality products. Achieving high gloss results depends on using the right supplies in your project: high quality epoxy, primer, and clear coat will give you superior results compared to cheaper paints that may be available at your local hardware store or home center.* Use a heated garage or other well ventilated area when applying any solvent based coating such as an epoxy flooring system (especially those containing solvents such as MEKP). Avoid breathing vapors from these types of products! If you have any health concerns please contact your physician before using any product containing fumes during application procedures.* Wear proper safety gear including rubber gloves and eye protection when working with solvent based materials such as MEKP which can cause irritation if inhaled/inhaled over long periods of time so always wear protective gear when working with them regardless of what type of solvent based product being used


There you have it! The best ways to clear coat a floor. We hope these tips help you out as you work on your next project.

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