how to clean and shine epoxy floors?

Epoxy floors are extremely popular among homeowners and business owners alike. These durable, low-maintenance flooring options add beauty to any space and often come with unique benefits.

But like any type of hard surface, it’s important to know how to clean an epoxy floor properly in order to maximize its longevity (and keep your home safe from accidents).

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of cleaning epoxy floors so that you can care for yourself without worry.

What do you use to clean an epoxy floor?

To clean an epoxy floor, use a mop or soft-bristle broom. Use mild detergent and water, but not too much because you don’t want the floors to get slippery.

How do you refresh an epoxy floor?

To clean and shine your epoxy floor, rinse the surface with warm water. Then mix one part liquid detergent with two parts warm water and apply it to the surface using a clean, white cloth.

Work from top to bottom in straight lines. The product will come off on the cloth as you go along and leave behind a shiny finish.

If you want an even more thorough cleaning experience, use a soft brush or sponge to scrub away any dirt that may have built up over time before rinsing again with warm water.

Once your floor is completely dry (ideally overnight), apply one coat of polyurethane varnish (as directed on the bottle) per week for the first three weeks after installation; then do so once every three or four months after that point until at least 18 months have passed since installation day.

How do you deep clean an epoxy floor?

Cleaning an epoxy floor can be a little tricky, but it’s actually not as hard as you might think. First, let’s go over how to remove the dirt from your epoxy floor.

The first thing you want to do is get all of the loose dirt off of your floor with a vacuum cleaner. You should also make sure that any food or drink spills are removed right away so they don’t stain in the future. After vacuuming up any debris and dust, it’s time to start cleaning!

Can you use Swiffer on epoxy floor?

As it turns out, you can use a Swiffer on an epoxy floor. Whether it’s actually beneficial to do so is another story. In order to determine whether or not your floors are in need of sweeping, check for dust and dirt that has settled into the crevices between tiles.

Then, you’ll want to clean those areas with either a vacuum or broom before using your Swiffer.

If you happen to use any type of wax-based mop on your floors—which we recommend against—then be sure to wipe off everything with a damp cloth before using the Swiffer on it again. This will prevent unnecessary buildup that could cause problems later down the line (i.e., stains).

If there aren’t any visible spots on your epoxy flooring that need attention right away, then feel free to use this method as often as necessary!

How can I make my epoxy floor shine again?

You can make your epoxy floor shine again by using a floor buffer to polish the floor. However, you should use a high-speed floor buffer instead of an ordinary buffer. Always make sure that the machine is turned off when not in use and never leave it unattended while running.

To clean your epoxy floors, use a spray wax or polish that is safe for epoxy floors. Spray it on the surface before wiping it with a cloth to remove dirt and stains from the surface of your flooring.

If necessary, you can also use a cleaning solution that is safe for epoxy floors but does not forget to check at least once in order to avoid damaging them by mistake!

Can I recoat my epoxy floor?

Yes, you can re-coat your epoxy floor. This is a good option if you want to change the color of your floor or if it’s getting worn out.

You’ll have to use a different product than the original one that was used to lay down your flooring, though; using the same product will result in an uneven surface and poor adhesion.

Can you wax an epoxy floor?

Waxing your epoxy floors is a great way to protect them and make your floor look nice. Wax can give your floors extra shine, but it will also create a buildup of wax over time.

The pros are that waxing your epoxy floor makes it easier to clean and gives the floor a beautiful shine and luster. But there are cons as well: if you don’t do it correctly, the wax may build up on top of itself and become dull or even sticky over time as dirt gets trapped in between layers of wax buildup.

Can you polish epoxy floor?

Yes, you can polish epoxy floors. Polishing is the method most commonly used for making your epoxy floor shine again. It’s also a good technique to use when you want to enhance the look of your floor by bringing out its natural color and texture.

Polishing works best with solid-color floors that are already sealed, but it can also be used on simple patterned or multi-colored designs if you’re willing to spare some time and effort in cleaning off old sealant first (more on that below).


In conclusion, the best way to clean epoxy floors is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris. Then you can use a damp mop with mild detergent to pick up spills and stains.

If you have stubborn dirt on your flooring, it may be necessary to scrub it with a soft brush or cloth.

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