can you epoxy wood?

Epoxy is a great way to seal, protect and color your wood. But it’s not the best option for every project, so here are some things you need to know about using epoxy on wood.

What kind of epoxy should I use on wood?

Epoxy is a two-part resin that hardens when mixed together. It’s used to glue, coat, and seal surfaces of all kinds of products. If you want to use epoxy on wood that has been stained, then it should be an oil-based epoxy.

This type of epoxy does not bond well with water-based stains but bonds well with oil-based stains.

If you have unstained wood that needs sealing or coating, then choose an acrylic or polyurethane product instead. These types of products are water-resistant and will protect your wood from moisture damage while still allowing it to breathe properly

How do you epoxy a wooden surface?

  • Clean the surface of the wood with a wire brush
  • Sand the surface of the wood
  • Apply an epoxy bonding agent to both surfaces of your wooden item, then let dry for 24 hours before you use it (or whatever length is recommended by your manufacturer)

Does epoxy seal wood?

Yes, epoxy sealer will seal wood. But it’s not actually a substitute for a real wood sealer.

Epoxy sealers are not meant to protect your furniture from water—they’ll keep it from getting more damaged by water, but they don’t provide any long-term protection against moisture.

If you want to prevent damage from water in the first place, you should use a real wood sealer before applying an epoxy finish over it.

Wood is also susceptible to rot from insects and fungi, but again: epoxy won’t protect against that either! If you’re looking for something that will prevent these problems in your furniture project altogether, we’d highly recommend using one or more of these products:

  • Polyurethane (PU) Water Repellent Stain Inhibitor
  • Aquaclear Clear Waterproofing Wood Finish

How long does it take epoxy to dry on wood?

Epoxy is a two-part system, so it takes 24 hours for the two parts to cure. This means you can apply epoxy to any surface and leave it until they have been fully cured.

The time it takes for epoxy to dry on wood depends on the thickness of your application. Thinner applications will take less time than thick ones, but neither will be dry within 24 hours.

Epoxy has some excellent qualities that make it ideal for use on wood: It’s waterproof, durable, and strong—but it’s not UV-resistant or impact-resistant like polyurethane sealers are (more about those here).

Should I seal wood before epoxy?

Sealing your wood is a crucial step in the epoxy application process. This will ensure that the wood fibers are protected and moisture is kept out of the joints.

If you want to apply an oil-based sealer, use mineral spirits to clean your surface first. Dampen a rag and wipe down all surfaces to remove dust and dirt from the project before applying sealer with a brush or roller.

For best results, wait 24 hours between applying sealer and applying epoxy so that it can completely dry and cure before applying the epoxy layer.

Can you epoxy over painted wood?

You can use epoxy over painted, stained, and varnished wood. If you prefer to not apply any of these layers to your project, you can also use the epoxy on unfinished wood.

When using epoxy on unfinished wood it’s important to consider how much time you’ll have between applying it and completing your project.

Epoxies will harden over time but won’t reach full strength until they’re fully cured—this can take up to 24 hours but may be longer depending on the thickness of your layer of paint or stain.

Does clear epoxy darken wood?

You will not get darkening from clear epoxy. The epoxy will not discolor, change the color of your wood, or turn it brown.

The reason you see some discoloration in older pieces of furniture is that they were made with an oil-based finish that has aged over time and becomes darker.

Using a clear epoxy to re-finish your furniture can help restore the original look and feel of the piece without adding any new colors to it.

Can you epoxy over stained wood?

Epoxy will not seal or darken the stain. However, it can provide a protective coating for existing wood, and you can use it to decorate the wood with a color that complements your existing decor.

Also, keep in mind that epoxy will not work on all types of stained wood. It is recommended that you test an inconspicuous area before applying epoxy to your entire piece of furniture or project.


We hope that this article has given you a good overview of the various types of epoxies and when they should be used.

Woodworking is a beautiful art, and we want to encourage everyone who wants to get into it! If you’re looking for more information on how to use epoxy effectively and properly.

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