Basin Harbor Club, Their New Designer…Yippee!

There are some pretty special days in my life lately and one of them was when I was at the Mad River Barn, finishing up some design details, when a lovely women came in and and said how much she loved what I did with the place; that through the design, I kept the charm and character, while updating and making it fresh and had design ideas that reflects the new owners, Heather and Andrew, taste and style. PHEW!  Well, thank you!! That was the plan!

She came in because she wanted to pass my name along to Basin Harbor Club, because their current decorator was retiring.  Well, I interviewed, just like everyone else, and I’m thrilled to announce I will be their new decorator/designer. (Which means for a few weeks a year–mostly in the winter, when it’s closed to the public, I get to have some serious fun at Basin Harbor.)

If you don’t know about Basin Harbor Club, this slice of heaven in Vermont, you’ve got to check it out. Open in the spring, summer and fall, this 700 acre place of history, beauty and charm, along the edge of Lake Champlain, has dozens and dozens of things to do and see. I’ll SLOWLY be adding my touches to the cottages, homestead, restaurants and public spaces in the next few years, but starting this winter, I get to play with… I mean…work on a few of the cottages, some of the homestead, and touches in some of the public spaces.  Thank you Basin Harbor for having me be a part of your amazing place!  I already feel like family :)  My best, Joanne

2014-01-27 12.53.28

No one gets to see this amazing place in the winter, so I thought it would be fun to share a few of the quiet winter shots while I was walking throughout the property.

Basin Harbor Club Homestead in Winter Basin Harbor Flag Cottage at Basin Harbor Club Basin Harbor The Red Mill Winter at Basin Harbor Basin Harbor Club

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